I woke up early on Monday 29th June to news that there had been an earthquake in the Muğla region of Turkey, where Captain Caveman has an apartment. It had been quite strong and had even been felt in Dalyan and some things had fell off shelves in people’s homes. I spent some time checking emails, and getting organised for my next week of physio in Dong Hoi, I even took a couple of rice crackers for snacking. I managed to take my full backpack, my bum-bag and crutches down all the stairs together with me, ready to get my car with Phuong’s Transfers to The Villas. I decided it would be a good idea to have breakfast there first, then order some takeaway lunch to go with me to Dong Hoi. Phuong arrived early and messaged me to say he was outside, he carried my bags, was there for assistance on the steps and even locked the front door and brought me the keys to the car. He’s so friendly, helpful and reliable and he had agreed to drop me off at The Villas and then collect me again at 1pm to take me to Dong Hoi ready to check in and get to my afternoon physio appointment. At The Villas I was welcomed, as always, by the staff and I sat inside with the AC on for a breakfast of pho ga, which I really enjoyed, and a peppermint tea.
I drank lots of water and then ordered 2 portions of the veggie spring rolls to takeaway, which I almost forgot. Phuong was early to pick me up and helped with bags and carrying my lunch and we had a smooth trip in to Dong Hoi.

The physio was definitely starting to get more painful and I think this was because I had rested the day before so everything was very tender. So far I had endured 25 hours of physical therapy and even though there were only small improvements I could definitely see and feel a benefit.
I saw a post on Facebook which confirmed that Vietnam were still not permitting any flights in or out of Vietnam for the foreseeable future even though other nearby countries had started to permit some flights. I started to make enquiries about my visa extension as it was due to expire in just over 2 weeks. In the evening I decided to try a place for delivery which I had not had before, Oregano, which had been recommended by a few people. I ordered Hawaiian pizza with french fries. When it came it had bacon, sweetcorn and onion on rather than the usual ham and pineapple. I took the toppings off and put it on rice crackers but it was quite difficult to pull apart. The french fries were really good though and the can of full fat coke went down really well – I was feeling dehydrated.

The last day of the month, Tuesday 30th June, was pretty routine. I didn’t bother with breakfast and did some Turkish lessons instead. I had veggie spring rolls and chips from Tree Hugger for lunch and then went to physio. There was pain and the exercises were getting harder but this time the therapist managed to straighten my leg while it was in a vertical position. I also got a massage on my bum cheek which I didn’t realise before but it really needed it.
I had a different room at the Nam Long Plus this time which had a desk and a chair, which was useful. The room also had a kettle but no cups or beverages which was odd. For dinner I had fruit salad and yoghurt and rested up. I also made some plans with Veronika who was planning to come to Dong Hoi the next day.

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