I had pho ga for breakfast at the Nam Long Plus hotel on Monday 22nd June, I then did a bit of walking up and down the hotel room trying to get my leg a bit more flexible ready for my physio session. I had a delivery for lunch from Tree Hugger which was lovely and saved some for dinner again. It was a fairly steady day and then I went to physio where I was given a different therapist to work on my leg – this guy was 30 year’s old and liked playing games at the weekend. He was also a lot stronger than Nam and seemed to spend more time on my knee – he even had me lay on my front for the first time since the injury and do some exercises.
Back at the hotel I took it easy, spoke to Captain Caveman who had returned from his tour, watched more Marcella and fell asleep early – a good day!

I was looking forward to a change of scenery on Tuesday 23rd June but first I had a full day of my new routine. I had pho bo for breakfast at Nam Long Plus hotel and was given a homemade yoghurt from one of the staff which was very good. For lunch I had spring rolls and french fries with a fresh pineapple juice from Tree Hugger (again). I went to physio and everyone was now getting used to me and being really friendly – the staff and the customers. Thuy, the boss, took some photos of me and promised to send them on Facebook. After physio I returned back to Nam Long to collect my bag where Captain Caveman came to pick me up, after dropping off some customers at the airport. I came out of the hotel and had to go across the street to get in the vehicle, it was a bit tricky because of the kerb and uneven pavement. Captain Caveman was so disappointed that I wasn’t walking any better than when he had last seen me and his face said it all. We drove a short distance to our next location, Captain Caveman had only booked us in to the Vinpearl in Dong Hoi for 3 nights on a midweek special offer which worked out extremely attractive!!!
We checked in and went to the room, they sent us a gift of a fruit platter and we decided to try the new bar on the 6th floor. While Captain Caveman lucked out on his choice of cocktail, a black russian with black olives in it, I had a pretty good Singapore sling. The staff were attentive and it was almost sunset so we got to see some lovely views. I’d not had time to change so I looked a bit shabby but we didn’t care and ordered another cocktail. For dinner we dined in the hotel restaurant and the food was nice, if not a bit on the extravagant side. As I was on crutches the staff were even more helpful than usual and we were quite happy that the fancy dining room was so quiet. Captain Caveman had a chicken dish and I had the pork ribs which were nice but were coated in a bread product not stated on the menu. I picked it off and still ate them and it was very tasty. Back in the room I managed to speak to my mate Kelly for the first time since I’d seen her in Turkey, we were able to wish her a Happy Birthday and it was great to catch up. I ate some longan fruit from the complimentary fruit plate before bed and we drank some wine! The bed was super comfy and we decided to watch a film on Netflix, The Wrong Missy – it was actually quite good.

There’s nothing finer than an inclusive buffet breakfast in a fancy hotel. Captain Caveman had to get me my selection of food at the Vinpearl hotel in Dong Hoi on Wednesday 24th June and he did well. I had pho ga, cheese and fruit for my breakfast with plenty of juice, detox water and tea. We had a leisurely day of not doing very much really and it was great. I made a bit more progress with my leg and had managed to walk with one crutch. For lunch I had a dragon fruit from the fruit plate as I was still full from breakfast and then I went off to physio where I had a lot of work done on my knee.
When I got back I had a lovely bubble bath and got ready for a night out. We had steak and red wine at one of our favourite restaurants, 7th Heaven, and it was gorgeous. Back at the hotel we finished off the rest of the wine from the previous night while watching Midnight in Paris on Netflix. We were so tired that only one of us managed to watch the film without snoring through it.

Breakfast again at the Vinpearl on Thursday 25th was great and this time Captain Caveman took photos of the selections so I could direct him and the staff to what I would like. I even had bacon today and chose my own fruit.
I’d manage to book in for physio in the morning so that we could do stuff together for the rest of the day and have time to catch up with Des at Tree Hugger. Lunch was good, as always and we had the obligatory white russians. While Captain Caveman went to scout out some more eateries for when I stay in Dong Hoi we waited at Tree Hugger a bit longer.
In the afternoon we went to the hotel pool which is really lovely and I even managed to get to it fairly easily and into it ok. I wasn’t allowed to swim because the physio had told me not to but I could walk up and down the long pool, which I did several times. Getting out of the pool was a bit more tricky and of course I had the grace of a beached whale but I made it with the hand of Captain Caveman once I was out.
That evening we were going to try Mr Bull for the first time but it was closed so we did the same as the previous evening. 7th Heaven’s steak is one of the best things in Dong Hoi so we had it twice in a row! We even took half the bottle of wine back to the room and had that before bed. We didn’t bother with a film as Captain Caveman had to be up really early the next morning – he would even have to miss the buffet breakfast!

Photo credit Captain Caveman and Thuy at Physio

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