I had a late breakfast at the Nam Long Plus hotel on Wednesday 1st July; pho bo with a different flavour to it this time so I checked it wasn’t chilli and the receptionist told me it was just some flavouring they put in the soup. I also had orange juice, tea and some complimentary melon before heading back to the room to get packed and ready to check out at noon. Veronika had already got a ride in to Dong Hoi earlier that morning and we’d each managed to get good deals on a midweek stay at the Vinpearl hotel. When I went to drop my bag off there I was able to check in earlier so I had a quick snack for lunch and then headed to physio as usual to continue my treatment. Today marked a fortnight since I first started going there, it was incredibly hot in the physio heat treatment room but Hoa made sure I had a fan on me. My physio went well and I had a lot of ice on both my knee and my ankle, which felt good.

When I got back to the Vinpearl hotel, after 5pm, the views were really good from the 15th floor and I’d received a fruit plate for being a returning guest. I messaged Veronika to let her know I was having a bath and did she want to meet up after for drinks and dinner. Veronika looked like she had a similar idea as she had sent a message which read
‘Relaxing. Bubbly is in the fridge. Let me know when you are ready for it. What room are you in?’
Unfortunately she sent it to the wrong person and while I was waiting and wondering where she was, she got a funny reply;
‘That’s very kind but as a non drinker I’ll have to pass and I also have my reputation as a happily married man to maintain. 😲 think perhaps that was meant for someone else.’
Veronika was horrified that she had mistakenly sent the message intended for me to a friend from Phong Nha, who probably now thought Veronika was up to no good. She did her best to explain only to have a response that he didn’t judge!
When Veronika finally came to my room, armed with a bottle of Tattinger champagne, we were both in hysterics. The fizz went down well and then we went to the hotel bar for dinner. I had the chicken wings and a cheese & meat plate with a pineapple juice. It was a great day and we were looking forward to more of the same tomorrow – possibly without Veronika propositioning young men!

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