I’d been having such a good time in Dong Hoi with Veronika that I’d almost forgotten that Captain Caveman had returned from his last Son Doong trip. On Thursday 2nd July he was busy back in Phong Nha and so was unable to meet up in Dong Hoi. Veronika and I enjoyed a hearty breakfast and she helped me by selecting my food for me, including some excellent bacon and piping hot beans. We had pho and fruit and lots of refreshments before heading back to our rooms. I was getting ready to go to the swimming pool when I had a message from Des to say he was free to meet up and I made my way to a fabulous little cafe for a cold drink. Talk Cafe is a really cute cafe occupying a corner position in the centre of Dong Hoi, I’d got a taxi there and Linh helped me as soon as I arrived. It’s a charity organisation so they are used to dealing with disabled and they even have a ramp!
The peach tea was excellent and we also had some rather nice herbal iced tea, Veronika joined us a bit later for a cappuccino. I headed off to physio while Veronika ran a few errands and had a stroll back to the hotel. On arrival at physio I saw another Phong Nha resident with an old knee injury which had flared up. Some of the positions Nam, the therapist, had him in looked painful – he warned me I was likely to get a similar going over later down the line.

Back at the hotel and after a lovely bubble bath Veronika came to my room with yet another bottle of bubbly and we ordered some spring rolls. Being in a fancy hotel I wrongly presumed we may get a small portion so we ordered two lots, only to find they were fairly substantial servings. We missed sunset at the hotel bar but we did go there for more food after we had finished the bottle of wine. I had the meat & cheese again while Veronika had what looked like a great tiramisu. We spoke to her family back in Phong Nha, saying what fun we were having, resulting in them agreeing she should book an extra night. The Vinpearl rates were very reasonable and so it was decided that a third night would be spent there.

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