In reverse alphabetical order here is a list of all the things I googled in the first 2 weeks of July. This certainly gives you an idea of the types of conversations I’m having with the people around me.

1. World Life Expectancy
2. Weather
3. Vinpearl, Dong Hoi
4. Vietnamese to English translation
5. Using one crutch properly
6. Turkish to English translation
7. Should you walk on sand with healing ligaments
8. Sunblock
9. Pins & Needles
10. Meloxicam
11. Methylprednisolone
12. Hollandaise sauce
13. Grapefruit deaths
14. Gastropulgite powder
15. Fred Dibnah
16. Firey or Fiery in USA
17. English to Vietnamese translation
18. Earthquake Turkey today
19. Diptheria
20. Cream soda
21. Cinema, Dong Hoi
22. Beach on crutches
23. Actors with wavy grey hair
24. Ankle ligaments and toe stiffness
25. Age requirement for a Facebook account

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