Being back at Le Domaine de Tam Hai Resort again was just amazing and on Tuesday 21st July I was pleased to see Captain Caveman following doctor’s orders. Of course I wasn’t doing what my physio had said but I wasn’t going very far and was walking like a granny to make sure I didn’t fall in the sand. It was fairly compact sand in most places and I stayed at the pool mostly. Captain Caveman gave the swing a good test out but I was forbidden from it as it might be too risky.
Our breakfast was one of the best I’ve seen in a long time and although the My Quang I had chosen was delicious I had food envy when I saw Captain Caveman’s choice!

Before lunch we had a dip in the pool and a loll about with our books on sun-loungers. We ordered lunch of fried rice and spring rolls to share, with passion fruit juice, and it was very filling and tasty. In the afternoon I went back to the room for a little nap and when I woke up I’d had a message from Captain Caveman to say Happy Hour had started early and he was still by the pool having a G & T with C. I got over to them and decided to try the margarita, made by V – she’d been trained well and they went down a bit too fast. C had decided we were going to have a BBQ evening and went off to make some dips. We carried on with Happy Hour until we were tipsy and then went over to the BBQ and dining area! I ate chicken because of my allergies and general fussiness, Captain Caveman had fish and scallops and because I love scallops, despite being allergic to them, I ate some. It was a very nice evening and after a busy day of relaxing I was looking forward to a comfy sleep in Villa 1. We went to bed that night very merry and slept extremely well.

We were both feeling a bit out of sorts on the morning of Wednesday 22nd July: Captain Caveman had a bad stomach and I was suffering from eating scallops because I couldn’t resist them. At breakfast Captain Caveman had chicken porridge which he ate slowly and I went for a version of the bacon breakfast he had the previous day. It did not disappoint and C made it herself and insisted I had some greens with it. We generally chilled out, Captain Caveman was either in the bathroom or reading about Mike Tyson by the pool. The other guests had gone out for the day so there was just us, the staff and C who kept us entertained and hydrated. We didn’t even have any lunch because I was too full from the massive breakfast and later on, I managed to stand up long enough in the outdoor shower to wash my hair, all the water at Le Domaine de Tam Hai is salt water so my King Charles spaniel look was back on the cards and I didn’t care. The quality shampoo and body wash were a delight which was fortunate as I had forgotten to bring mine.

By happy hour I was sipping a Pina Colada and then we shared a ginger chicken and rice for dinner, having given my wonder drug Gastropulgite to Captain Caveman. C’s partner, N, arrived back from Dalat that night, the two of them joined us for entertaining chatter with a carafe of sangria and some rather moreish potato wedges.

Captain Caveman was feeling quite a bit better but he had managed to pass it to me so it was my turn to take it easy on Thursday 23rd July. I had another My Quang for breakfast while Captain Caveman went safe with an omelette. Le Domaine de Tam Hai was fully booked for the weekend so we had to decide where we would go tomorrow but neither of us really wanted to leave, I’d still not had the lobster or prawn thermidor for dinner. I relaxed outside the villa for a few hours then I did a bit of walking in the pool (Captain Caveman filmed me) where I was convinced I was doing better, despite no one else seeing any progress.

This video doesn’t exist

I worked up a little appetite and a thirst so had some veggie spring rolls and some white wine. C brought us out some potato wedges with cheese, they were so good (more like a roast potato, with proper melted cheddar on) and we all shared. We lolled about until happy hour and dinner, C came over with a new cocktail to try which I didn’t think I would like (as it had campari in it) but it turned out I was a fan and we all had her version on an aperol spritz. I had meat kebabs with veg and rice and a hungry Captain Caveman ate a massive carbonara!
We didn’t have a boozy one and before bed we had already decided our last breakfast would be the bacon one!

Photo credit – Captain Caveman

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