I woke up at Beachside Boutique Resort Hotel in Hoi An with a bit of a hangover on Monday 20th July. Luckily they have the free water refills in a funky tin bottle which keeps the water nice and cold. It also has the branding on for the pub across the street which is where meals are served so we went across for breakfast. Again we had a bit of an issue with stairs because the staff said we had to go upstairs to the restaurant area but there were tables on the ground floor so I sat there and sent Captain Caveman upstairs to suss out breakfast options. While he was gone a pregnant waitress came over to tell me I needed to go upstairs but I pointed out I was on crutches and would rather sit at the table I was at (downstairs and right next to the kitchen). Captain Caveman came back and said we had to order from the menu which was very much gluten and egg heavy so I went for the My Quang with a tea. It was ok but it had a lot of scrambled egg and tomato in which I picked out – the rest of the dish was tasty.
Still feeling a bit fragile I went back to the room to try to cool down and get rid of my fuzzy head while Captain Caveman started his book and had a swim. The hotel was very busy and the pool was full and not particularly easy for me to navigate with my bad leg so I left Captain Caveman to it.
We checked out at noon and then sat in reception to wait for our car to Tam Ky at 1pm.

The driver, Hung, arrived early and off we went to our next mode of transport which would prove a bit of a test. When we got to the speedboat Bien was waiting for us with a surprised look on his face, at me crutching towards the boat. There was a car ferry next to him so he indicated for us to walk on to that and then climb over the side to get on to his speedboat. It took a while, with all the locals watching, I didn’t want Captain Caveman to hurt himself trying to pick me up but in the end he had to shove my bum up over the railing. Once on the boat I was fine and when we pulled up at Le Domaine de Tam Hai Resort C was there to greet us. Captain Caveman got off on to the beach but C told Bien to take me down towards the jetty at the other end as we were staying in Villa 1, next to the bar and reception area.
I got off ok but was a bit nervous crutching on the wooden jetty – this was going to be our second visit to Le Domaine de Tam Hai Resort but my first as a cripple. I found that the short walk to the seating area fairly straight forward and the gin and lemon juice drink went down a little too well. We’d not even checked in when we were ordering a bottle of wine! C introduced us to Fat Dave who was a bit shy at first but was friendly enough once he got used to us. She also is trained in reflexology so gave me a bit of a session where it alleviated some of my pains and stiffness. We ate a delicious meal looking out over the water; Captain Caveman was eager to snaffle away his fish and chips while I enjoyed my pork ribs with rice and veg. It was just so nice to be back on the island at this amazing resort, just relaxing and chatting to C and Fat Dave.

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