I was awake several times during the early hours of Friday 18th September as I could hear the rains getting heavier and the winds becoming stronger. I got up for a pee at 4am and then the power went off, Captain Caveman was snoring away unaware that Noul the tropical storm was here. At around 4.45am the power came back on and I finally got back to sleep. Captain Caveman started cooking breakfast, I avoided all the wet floors so that I didn’t slip. In Hue the storm had been brutal and had caused a lot of damage, Danang was also fairly badly affected. Here, in Phong Nha, we were extremely lucky. My plate of bacon, mushrooms and gluten free sausages (from Momma D’s) went down well and in the afternoon I ate more grapes and drank lots of water. Because of the storm I didn’t go to physio and spent some time studying my languages instead.
For dinner Captain Caveman had made us a salad with cheese and cashew nuts and we had a glass of red wine. For dessert we shared some peanut M&Ms!

On Saturday 19th September I had a mango for breakfast and then got on with some languages and blogging because I had another day off and wasn’t going anywhere.  Captain Caveman got temporarily stranded at Oxalis Home, sheltering from another rain storm. The weather had calmed down here but it was still wet out. For lunch I had rice crackers, cashew nuts and a banana and because I knew I didn’t have to be anywhere I tried yoghurt again – this time I was fine! So fine that I managed crisps and a couple of Strongbow ciders that afternoon too.
I started to read a book that our neighbour (Melissa Wiringi) had written, called Domestic Violence on Ice. I read the first chapter and I knew it was going to be one of those books that’s hard to put down. Captain Caveman made dinner of gluten free sausages (beef ones this time) potatoes, garlic, onions, peppers, carrots and mushrooms and it was really tasty.

Captain Caveman went off early to watch the Phong Nha football match and then do some work on Sunday 20th September. I made myself a fruit salad using a pink dragon fruit, 2 apples and a banana which I had with yoghurt and was fine (again) thus assuming I am not allergic to dairy! I was very productive and completed lessons in Vietnamese, Turkish and French on the Duolingo app before getting on with some blog writing and then watching Social Dilemma on Netflix. I read more of Melissa’s book and was really getting into it, it is very well written, about a subject I know nothing of and would normally not have chosen to read it. Captain Caveman was back by lunch and we had made a lunch of potatoes with onion, garlic and melted cheese as a joint effort but mainly with Captain Caveman doing the cooking. He lost it when I started doing the washing up and said it was his turn!!! I was furious because all these months of him complaining that he had to wash up everything all the time, he would also leave pots unwashed for days because it was such a chore. Now I could actually do washing up a bit easier but got shouted at for trying – I ended up attempting to stomp off but couldn’t even do that well enough! He washed up and said he was sorry but I was still upset because I had started to feel I was improving by being able to do my bit, especially in the kitchen, was progress. I spent the afternoon reading more of the book which was really getting quite gripping. At 4.30pm I had to put it down because we had organised to go to The Farmstay for Sunday dinner. When we arrived we ordered a bottle of the R7 red wine, which is one of our favourites. We sat at a table by the pool to enjoy a relaxed drink and the dinner was really nice, I even had a Gastropulgite so that I could eat without getting ‘glutened’ even though I did give my garlic bread and pasta to Captain Caveman and I just had ice-cream for dessert.

Check out this video of the Phong Nha Farmstay’s Sunday Dinner: https://www.facebook.com/148614098486550/posts/3863031940378062/

Photo credit – Captain Caveman

Video credit Ben Mitchell, Phong Nha Farmstay

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