On Thursday 1st October the weather was still nice but the forecast predicted rain, October and November are the wettest months in Phong Nha, Quang Binh, so we were about to be in for a treat this month. After a breakfast of a pear, peanuts and crisps I did a quick review of how my JOLOYOLO blog was doing. The posts relating to Dalyan, Turkey, were still the most popular posts by far, despite me not having been there for 9 months. The nationality of my blog readers showed that the UK was still in first place, followed by Vietnam, USA, Australia, Canada and then Turkey. I spotted that I even had someone from Nigeria and a newcomer from Lebanon reading. Captain Caveman had gone out and about early in the morning, I skipped lunch as I was off to my physio appointment and didn’t want to eat before the journey and session. Captain Caveman came with me, I picked him up from the Lake House on the way, and he went for coffee with Phuong while I was getting my pummelling for an hour and a half. At 4.30pm I was picked back up from physio by Phuong and Captain Caveman, we headed over to the Lake House for a romantic dinner. The views were nice and the staff were polite and attentive. We both had the Australian Beef steak and french fries for dinner with a nice bottle of red wine. The food was delicious, maybe even better than the last time and I love that they put a big roasted garlic on the side which goes well with the meat and pepper sauce. While we were there I saw a friend had posted on Facebook a quiz to check how much on the autism spectrum a person was and so Captain Caveman and I completed the test. Surprisingly I was more on the spectrum than Captain Caveman in some respects and he must have cheated, surely!?

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