After the excitement of the Phong Nha Farmstay Sunday dinner the night before, Monday 5th October seemed much more tame in my world. Captain Caveman went off to a nearby beach at 5am with Ben and a few others for surfing and coffee drinking and while he was gone it started to rain. Phuong picked me up at 7am and off we went to physio in Dong Hoi. Back home I had fried rice for my lunch while Captain Caveman did some work. My friend in Hanoi confirmed that my passport had been given to the visa extension agent, would take 5-7 days to complete and would cost just $85 for one month visa. It should have meant that we would be able to collect it when we went there later this week but I had decided not to go and that Captain Caveman would go on holiday by himself. For dinner Captain Caveman did us some bacon and avocado and we shared a bottle of fizz.

It was quite stormy looking on Tuesday 6th October but Phuong was taking me, Tatas and Veronika to Dong Hoi. Captain Caveman was meant to be coming to Dong Hoi but decided not to as he had other things to do. He’d already cooked me a bacon, asparagus and parmesan breakfast before and I had arranged to meet him in Phong Nha later as we were off out out!!
Tatas was off to the dentist, Veronika the hairdresser’s and me the physio and I had said I would let them know if I would be finished early. Tatas ended up going back to Phong Nha before us and we got dropped off at The Villas because there was an all you can eat pizza buffet night. We made it in time for Happy Hour and a half where I joined Captain Caveman on the margaritas. I can’t drink as many as I used to and was a bit tipsy after 2. I had made sure I had the Gastropulgite stomach medication beforehand so I could eat the pizza. The food was great and we all got to try at least one slice of each pizza, they were so good that I overindulged and then ordered a third margarita, which was a mistake. I thoroughly enjoyed the all you can eat pizza night at The Villas which for 150,000 vnd, about £5 (including a beer or soft drink if you wanted one) was good value.  On the way home it started to rain and it looked like a storm was coming.

Photo credit – Captain Caveman

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