We were all up very early on Tuesday 20th October, having not really slept much during the night. The sound of the heavy rain, even in a well-built villa like this, was disturbing enough but I can only imagine how worried the locals, with less robust properties, would have been. We also slept with the curtains open so that the bottoms of them didn’t get wet with the rain water coming under the slight gap in the bottom of the door! Captain Caveman was out on the balcony with a powerful head-torch at 5am and reported that the water in the garden had gone. I didn’t believe him as it had not stopped raining and there was at least half a metre worth right across the front of the properties. By 7am when I looked out in the daylight, he was right, it had completely gone and our ground floor flood water had also drained away. There was still no electricity and the generator wasn’t on yet so I had a couple of walnuts and some cheese with a slice of focaccia bread for breakfast, Captain Caveman had peanut butter and marmite on bread. Everyone was hungry but not enough to eat the boiled eggs and only 1 was consumed. The kids got bread with a choice of butter, peanut butter, marmite, cheese spread (or a combo of any of those) or dried noodles. When the generator started up I had the remains of my Phong Nha Underground oolong tea which I shared with Remy, Veronika and Melissa had green tea on the go and the kids got their 2 minute noodles. By this time Remy started packing up everything so that they could all go back home, since the water had gone, but not everyone in the family was as enthusiastic to leave. Aaliyah helped me make the popcorn, later joined by the 3 youngest boys who all wanted to have a go! Harry Potter 2 commenced, I had a hangover so it was good to just watch the film. Afterwards the neighbours went home but not before agreeing that they would come back to watch the rest of the Harry Potter movies each day. Ben and Bich came over later and had a shower at the house up the hill because our water was off, they were cold and had been sorting through the damage at the Farmstay and then going to The Villas to check out the result of the flood there. They, and their helpers, had a big job on their hands to get cleaned up again and it was hard to even imagine how much mud and damage there was.

While Veronika had sausages for dinner with the kids I did us a fried rice with some of the leftover rice we had and we shared a bottle of red wine. Melissa and her family decided to order a takeaway from the Lake House who were lucky to be high up and open for business, so she asked us if any of us would like to order anything, including freshly baked bread. Veronika declined but Captain Caveman jumped straight in with an order for 2 loaves of their bread! When Melissa came round with the bread I sliced it up and offered some out. I saw on Facebook just how lucky and privileged we were to be in a safe and now mostly dry house – it really did make me feel extremely lucky to be here right now.

I didn’t even leave the house, and had no plans to, until it was safe but in the meantime this was what Ben and the gang had been up to at the Farmstay and his new lakeside resort!

Check out the Facebook page: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10159506892003115&id=552758114

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