Captain Caveman decided that we wouldn’t have breakfast together on Tuesday 10th November and instead he went for coffee at Tree House cafe (formerly Capture cafe) and petted a nice puppy. As I was left at home I treated myself to another crisp sandwich, this time with balsamic vinegar flavour, for breakfast. I was looking a bit rough and tired so I decided to have a bit of a pamper after my hot shower and put on some moisturiser – I left it on as a facemask to soak in and it felt really nice. I put lavender moisturiser and socks on my feet and some nice hand cream I bought in Dong Hoi on my hands and elbows. By the time Captain Caveman got back for lunch I was looking loads better and feeling good. He made us asparagus with salami and parmesan for lunch which was really tasty and then I made some rice pudding for a mid afternoon treat, I even had jam in mine. Duyet and Co came and moved our fridge back in to the kitchen (now that the floods had gone)so now we had 2 fridges, which made it easier for the weekly shop. After a bit of work on the laptop, which I had finally got out so that I could brush up my CV, and register on some online job sites, it was already wine o’clock. Captain Caveman and I shared a bottle of red and he cooked pasta with salami and peppers. We didn’t manage a walk today because of the rain but I did my exercises and then accidentally noticed I could almost bend my bad leg enough to cross my legs!

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