Our  alarm went off at 6am on Wednesday 11th November and Phuong (of Phuong’s Transfers) picked both Captain Caveman and I up at 6.45am. This meant we had just about enough time for breakfast at Mr Bull’s where all three of us ordered the Bo Ne (beef and eggs) and Captain Caveman had my egg, Phuong my bread and I just ate the beef and onion. It tasted amazing and I’m now a big fan of Mr Bull’s. We left Captain Caveman there with his coffee while Phuong drove me to physio, which I was now late for.

While I had 2 men working on my leg Captain Caveman went off shopping for provisions. I saw photos on Facebook of Hoi An showing more floods so we were lucky this time to be spared. After physio I decided I needed a second breakfast/early lunch so we went to Tree Hugger. They have brown rice new on the menu so I had the beef rice plate with brown rice and a peppermint tea. Captain Caveman had an egg sandwich (obviously) and Phuong just had a coffee. I was missing eating most of my meals at Tree Hugger and I really enjoyed our visit.

Back home I had a busy afternoon as I decided to apply for more online jobs, it was getting a bit tricky not knowing what would happen in 2021 and I needed to replenish funds. I came across an online company doing artificial intelligence tasks which I registered for, took the training course and started working on – the tasks are online and it would do as a part-time job until I find something more substantial. I finished the afternoon off with some Vietnamese language lessons. For dinner Captain Caveman made a nice chicken dish which we had with rice and green beans – we shared a bottle of red wine too. Tomorrow I was hoping for a lay in!

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