I finally got to sleep for as long as I wanted on Thursday 12th November and it felt good! For breakfast I had toasted, buttered, sourdough with no ill effects and I was really enjoying eating bread again. I later had some homemade rice pudding (with jam) and it made me ill straight away. Building work had started that morning on building a carport outside and Ky, the dog, was hoping to get an upgrade to a proper kennel.

Captain Caveman collected some freshly made bread from the Lake House which he divided in to three batches; eat now, put in the fridge and freeze the rest. While I was at my desk he made tortilla so we enjoyed a picnic dinner with the fresh bread and it was so good. The weather forecast wasn’t too bad for tomorrow here in Phong Nha but the warnings of the forthcoming Vamco typhoon were coming thick and fast – it was already in the East sea. I knew we had a solid roof over our heads and we would be safe in the storm but it was concerning for all those who were still not recovered from the last lot of flooding.

I managed to cause a bit of a stir in the online world by posting a blog, on a Facebook group, which I wrote a year ago about what I was up to in Dalyan, Turkey. I mentioned some activities which had some of the dirty minded readers in a bit of a tizzy – even the administrator received complaints!
(Here it is if you want to read it: https://joloyolo.com/2019/12/17/dalyan-the-2nd-week-in-november/).

I listened to some of my favourite songs on my playlist and decided to send the link to my parents so they could use it to play ‘name that tune’ if they got bored during lockdown. (If you want to use it too, here’s the link; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgSPaXgAdzE&list=PLlwMo1hGqQevyx35aIr39ndtwbmxvtXFa&index=48).
All in all, it was just an average Thursday in Phong Nha but I was looking forward to a busier weekend!

Photo credit Captain Caveman and the Lake House resort.

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