We had a fun day on Tuesday 12th November. There’s a boat which goes every Tuesday to the mud baths so we decided to get on that and I chose to take my breakfast of gluten free toast with mulberry jam with me in tin foil. Unfortunately it went soggy so I only ate a little of it and fed the fishes with the rest. We had a hot drink at Okyanus while we waited for the boat and then off we went on the boat across to Köyceğiz lake. We left at 10:30am and then had until 2:30pm to go in the hot pool, the mud bath, the dome pool or swim in the lake. We did all of them except the mud and I even had the fish feet thing to get rid of my dead skin – 6 minutes was enough! It was a great day out and really cheap and I was already looking forward to going again.
In the afternoon we decided to buy some furniture from a woman on Facebook who happened to be singing at Mico Hotel before getting ready for fish and chips at the Lukka bar quiz in the evening.

I was meant to eat more for breakfast on Wednesday, 13th November, as I would need my energy for a bit of dogging! I ended up having gluten free cornflakes with milk before heading off to the shelter on foot while Captain Caveman cycled. We had a good morning of walking as many dogs as we could but as the amount of visitors declines in winter months there were some who didn’t get one. There was also a couple of dogs getting adopted including an older dog who had been in the shelter a while. There was talk of some further adoptions but as we left, the charity workers were arguing with the staff about not giving as much care and attention as they should. On the way home Captain Caveman lost his house keys and I had a message from a Dalyan dweller who was buying us some bedding at IKEA, to tell me all the codes were incorrect. Captain Caveman went back to the shelter only to find that his keys had fallen out of his pocket in the puppy kennels!
Back home I had a quick lunch of yogurt and honey as the carpenter’s were back to finish off some last bits on the fitted wardrobes. We left them to it and headed off for a cheeky drink at Jiks. Luckily the IKEA lady came good in the end (the product numbers are not the same in every country) and we got the stuff for our new bed, which we picked up in Lukka bar over a glass of wine (of course).
Dinner was at River House which turned out to be another one of my new favourites. The starter of garlic mushrooms was great and the chicken risotto main was superb! Captain Caveman had the mantı dish (a traditional dumpling which looks like pasta containing minced meat and served with yogurt and butter), the carafe of wine was smooth and went down well.
When we got home we admired the new wardrobes and I was even happy with where the mirror (which should have been on the wardrobes but I didn’t like it) had ended up. Fire Opal B6 was starting to look how we wanted it to and we were happy to have the work completed at last.

The rain came down quite heavy during the early hours of Thursday 14th November, bumming was cancelled because of the weather forecast. I had 2 small gluten free chocolate cakes as well as gluten free toast with mulberry jam and an earl gray tea for breakfast. I managed to order minced beef at the butcher’s in Turkish so that we could have a spaghetti bolognese that evening. Captain Caveman’s task of the day was to help the dog shelter out by making leads and fixing some old ones. By 11am the rain had eased off but the sky looked like it still might rain again later. It was a quiet day and very relaxing, which made a nice change.

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