Sunday was our last day on the island, Koh Yao Noi, and the weather wasn’t too good (about 24 degrees and cloudy) so we headed out on the scooter at lunch time. The best restaurant was quoted as The Rice Paddy so we decided we’d go there. The sign said it opened at 1pm but the waitress said they would open at 2pm. We hadn’t had breakfast so instead went to Kaya for Tempura, the place was really nice. Captain Caveman decided we would call in to the poshest resort hotel on the island, Six Sense, where we would splash out the 20 dollars a drink in their bar. We arrived and had to be escorted inside the resort, once they had rang ahead to check we were ok to visit. It was as I smelled lavender quite strongly that I realised there had been a communication error – Captain Caveman has said ‘bar’ the concierge had heard ‘spa’! We then had to have a golf buggy to take us from the spa to the bar which made us all laugh when the mistake was realised. The Sixth Sense Resort Bar was amazing (the spa looked pretty good too) and the list of gin cocktails was pretty impressive – we chose very carefully the two drinks costing more than the night in our cheap hotel! The buggy rides and views were very impressive and luckily the bar snacks were free as we couldn’t afford to eat there. We savoured each sip slowly while enjoying the lily ponds that surrounded us. As you can imagine the toilets were 5 star, they even had free insect repellent body lotion which I slathered myself in.
We never did make it to the Rice Paddy because we had to drop the scooter back at the hotel so we walked to La Luna for our final meal on such a beautiful island.

Photo credit – Captain Caveman and Six Sense resort

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