The weekend ended on a high on Sunday 29th November. Captain Caveman was up super early (again) for work as he was off to Tu Lan for a 2 day trip. The alarm was going off at 6am and Captain Caveman decided he was cooking us a salami and asparagus breakfast as he was concerned we needed to eat up the asparagus. It was raining, I didn’t envy him going to to Hang Tien and had planned to go back to bed but that didn’t happen.

I had friends who were visiting Dong Hoi, who I was hoping to meet up with, and suggested the Sunday roast dinner later at Phong Nha Farmstay. I made myself a nice picnic for lunch and then got a lift with Duyet in the rascal to the Farmstay, where we saw the buffalos heading home. I inadvertently ordered a bottle of wine while waiting for Phuong and Trang to arrive. The two ladies had never met but I introduced them on messenger, Phuong agreed to drive the two of them and they arrived eager to sit by the cosy fire. We had a great catch up and some amazing food; pork, lamb, potatoes, courgettes, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower. I also brought a couple of tupperwear boxes to take away the vegetarian dinner and two pieces of carrot cake. The set Sunday roast dinner is such a good deal; the meat version is 300,00 vnd (£10 ish), the vegetarian version is only 200,000 vnd (£6.50 ish) and both include a glass of wine (or beer or soft drink) and a carrot, chocolate or cheesecake. So by drinking 2 glasses of included wine and saving the dessert I had already got a bargain deal by taking home a veggie meal too, as well as the almost full bottle of wine I had got.
Before we said farewell we decided to meet up in Dong Hoi on Tuesday with Captain Caveman and see if Tatas wanted to join us.

Here is a video by Ben of us at the Farmstay for Sunday Dinner;

Photo credit – Melissa was kind enough to take photos of the three of us.

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