Although Christmas Day fell on a Friday this year, there would be no pizza night at The Villas and so we booked in for the Christmas Dinner buffet at Phong Nha Farmstay that evening. We had decided not to celebrate Christmas and so hadn’t bothered with any gifts or cards for each other or anyone else. The Corona situation had meant Christmas was cancelled for most people and, although not specifically virus related, we had no spare money. Instead we would hope for a time where we could spend time with our family and friends back home, once the virus had gone, and we would celebrate everything that we had missed since we had last met.
Like most years when we have been abroad over the festive period I wouldn’t even see a mince pie, a Terry’s chocolate orange, pigs in blankets, turkey, Christmas pudding/cake or even a cheeseboard, but I could cope with it! Captain Caveman and I went by motorbike to The Villas for our Christmas Day breakfast, I got dropped off and ordered a hot chocolate with cream while Captain Caveman went to the Oxalis office to take some biscuits we had picked up from the Shop ‘n’ Go in Phong Nha for the staff. Christmas Day here is just another day and so everyone is at work as normal. Captain Caveman came back from work and we ordered breakfast – him the smoked salmon with scrambled eggs and I had bacon, sausage, beans and buttered toast. I’d not had the bread at The Villas since my intolerance to gluten had disappeared and was going to enjoy my breakfast.

Unfortunately the bread did affect me but we had a house party to go to, we went back home to get some drinks to take to Shannon and Stu’s. Even though I wasn’t feeling well I managed a glass of fizz on arrival. Captain Caveman had a plate of food and a couple of drinks, we had a chat with a few guests as well as the hosts, who kindly gave us a tour of their amazing house.

That evening we had a glass of sparkling wine to welcome us to the Farmstay with friends and then sat at a table for our buffet dinner. It was busy and at our table was me, Captain Caveman, Matty, Tatas, Bich, Michael and Ben. Melissa and her family were on the table behind us while Veronika made a middle of the room table of 3 with Annette and her friend. The food included a delicious selection of pork, lamb, duck, chicken, pasta, salad, roasted veggies, and spring rolls and I managed a couple of plates before going for the brownies which were lovely. Back at our place, Veronika gave Tatas a spare blanket as she settled in for the night on our sofa and we had a bit more wine – overall it was a fairly sensible and early night.

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