I was hoping for some extra sleep on the morning of Thursday 14th January but the housekeeping staff knocked to come in and clean our room, it was a lovely sunny day. I went in to the kitchen to watch more Night Stalker on Netflix and was glad I had not had jam on my toast! I also finished off the rest of the breakfasty potatoes which were still in the fridge. Tatas had arranged to meet me that evening for more birthday celebrations and so I had a light lunch of dates and crackers. I booked Phuong’s Transfers for my jaunt in to town and back and got to The Villas at the exact same time as Tatas. We got on the Happy Hour and a Half margaritas and stayed on them all night – we both love a margarita and they make really good ones. For my meal I decided to go for a dish I’d never tried before, one of Tatas’ favourites, salami and prawn spaghetti. She had it without parmesan or spring onion but extra chillies and I had it without chillies and it turned out to be one of the nicest meals I have had. I really enjoyed it and it is now on the list of (neverending) favourites. We had a good catch up after her trip to see her family before the holidays and we even got to chat with Manu, the manager, and Ha, one of our favourite waitresses in town. The evening was lovely and it went so fast, too soon my chariot home awaited, Tatas and I topped the night off with a Jameson’s and it was such a lovely birthday treat with probably a small hangover due tomorrow.

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