It was a momentous day on Friday 15th January in my injured leg progress! In the morning I decided to walk to the Farmstay which is about 2.2km away and I walked up and down the block first, while waiting for Veronika to catch me up. It took me 45 minutes to do 2.3km, which I was still disappointed with as it is probably twice as slow as it should be. Once there I had fresh spring rolls (a healthy choice) with soda water while Veronika had a cappuccino and a slice of cheesecake. Veronika and I decided to walk back, this time Howie came with us and there was an incident involving a buffalo. We had passed the buffalo which was tied at the side of the road and paddy fields, minding its own business on the way there but on the way back I thought it’s rope looked a bit stuck and too short for the animal to move and so I suggested to Veronika we should move his rope a little. Without further ado the sprightly septuagenarian sprung in to action and leapt across the water gully, much to the buffalo’s surprise, and started to unravel the rope which was caught on a small bush. Howie and I stood in the middle of the road watching when a man on a motorbike raced up shouting ‘no, no, no, no!’ He thought Veronika was trying to steal the massive, confused looking, buffalo and made her wrap the rope back again. She did and we went on our merry way with a feeling of buffalo rustling accusations and a concern locals would be watching out for her in future. I’m pleased to say I was slightly quicker than a 5 year old – I did 2.2km in 43 minutes on the way back, even with the stop off for the buffalo. I also continued with my exercise plan but found I still can’t do press ups, lunges or the pretending to step down a step with my good leg so I was a bit frustrated with it.
Captain Caveman and Watto came back from Son Doong that afternoon and met us at The Villas, along with Matty and Colin, for the infamous Friday Pizza night.
The all you can eat pizza night was good and I managed a massive 10 slices but only had the 1 glass of wine, this week. It always starts off slowly and you feel like you could eat so much more and then you realise you are almost too full for your favourite slice, mine is The Showstopper (blue, cheese, spring onion and fig/apricot jam) but Captain Caveman prefers the ones with salami or pepperoni on. That night, before bed, I checked my pedometer and found I had completed 10,000 steps for the first time since before my injury, 9 months ago this weekend, and I felt more positive about my progress!

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