I was glad to be celebrating someone else getting older on Wednesday 13th January and Bich had arranged to pick Veronika and I up to take us to The Villas for brunch. On arrival it was absolutely stunning scenery outside, overlooking the river, the weather was starting to warm up a bit but we still sat inside by the fire. The sun was out again but it wasn’t particularly hot and I ordered a hot chocolate with cream for my breakfast. Bich had work to do and had to go to meetings so we sat and had a chat until Matty arrived by motorbike. Veronika ordered the smoked duck salad for brunch and both Matty and I ordered the tomato soup with cheese toastie (or grilled cheese if you order it in American). We had a chilled bottle of our favourite Lindeman’s sparkling wine, which we had polished off before midday! Unfortunately by the time I got home I had been glutened by the bread (it was worth it though) and felt terrible so I went to bed. I didn’t realise it at the time but Veronika didn’t get away with a quiet night in and had to go to the Farmstay for birthday wishes and cheesecake. I was grateful to get to stay in and eat a handful of dates and walnuts, once my stomach was back to normal(ish) because tomorrow I had another celebration to go to!

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