By Tuesday 2nd February the news updates here in Vietnam were certainly bringing more concern over whether the next wave of the virus could, or would, remain under control. That morning the news told us that they were to test all staff at the airports, this would later turn out to be a good idea, see more here;
Worryingly, there was also confirmation of the UK variant of the virus having got in to Vietnam and of course it was so much faster to spread – the authorities were acting quickly to put measures in place to prevent as much damage as possible, more below in the link:
It was also a sad day for all my UK Facebook friends as they posted that the 100 year old Sir Tom, who had raised a lot of money for charities supporting the NHS by walking round his own house, had died from Corona. I was so busy reading up on all the news that I almost forgot to have breakfast and, as it was the last day of my 4 day challenge to not spend any cash, I had peanuts from the cupboard that I had forgotten were there – easily a first time for me in breakfast options. For lunch I had the remainder of the pork casserole and put in my order for a shepherd’s pie for dinner with the Farmstay later. I didn’t order Captain Caveman one because, although he was due back from Son Doong today, he would be attending his gala dinner at Chay Lap with his customers.
Captain Caveman and I had planned that he would come home after his tour however that had changed because Captain Caveman decided he would stay in Phong Nha tonight and come back tomorrow.
At 5.50pm Veronika and I went for Shepherd’s Pie night at Phong Nha Farmstay with Matty. I just had cider with my shepherd’s pie, which was as delicious as always and I really enjoyed my food. I’d taken my bank card so I could pay for my Sunday dinner as well as tonight’s dinner, which I did. It came to less than £20 in total for both nights and so I had managed to go for 4 days with only spending that amount, if Captain Caveman had been back as planned he would have paid cash for it and I would have spent nothing. Sometimes it’s easy to not really take any notice of how much money I’ve spent in a week, or a month, and so it was a good challenge to try – I think I might do some ‘no spending’ days again and see if I can plan better and improve on it.

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