On Wednesday 3rd February, with just over a week until Tet eve, some people in Vietnam had started to cancel or change travel tickets, or even get refunds, due to fear of getting stuck somewhere or being at risk of catching Corona. You can read more about it here:
Captain Caveman arrived home from Phong Nha at 10.30am with some vegetables, as we had none in, and made us a nice sausage brunch. We decided to go for a walk to the French road and we managed 1.8km in 41 minutes, slightly slower than my round the block pace but not too bad.
Our friend Ali had now been in quarantine in Saigon for 1 week and was looking forward to getting out and coming to Phong Nha in another week, all being well!
After our walk I had a piece of cheese and some peanuts while Captain Caveman got on with making another one of his masaman curries with enough for us to freeze/refrigerate a few portions. We had a bottle of the Lindeman’s sparkling wine and had a chicken in tomato sauce with spaghetti for dinner (and the spaghetti did not give me any gluten problems whatsoever). That night we had an early night ready for Captain Caveman’s early outing the next day.

(Most photos & video by Captain Caveman)

Captain Caveman’s video of my walking progress

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