I woke up at 5.40am on Tuesday 9th February to the pumping music of pre Tet over the tannoy system and when it finished, just before 7am, Captain Caveman started snoring – I don’t know how he had managed to sleep through the noise. I did some languages and blogging in the morning then Captain Caveman made a cooked breakfast, with my favourite sausages, for us. It was a quiet day and I didn’t bother with any lunch as we had ordered our shepherd’s pies for dinner at The Farmstay that evening.
When we arrived at the Farmstay Veronika and Matty were already there, we met some nice new guests and a couple recommended the Minera Spa resort in Vung Tau, near Saigon, for if we fancied a relaxing break. Later we had the shepherd’s pie dinner with a lovely chap from Antwerp, Belgium, so I insisted on recommending the best bar in the world to him, The Kulminator, which I had loved visiting when Captain Caveman and I were last in Antwerp. I felt a bit foolish when he said he’d not lived there for quite a few years! The shepherd’s pie was delightful (as always) and the very substantial portion beat me so I took leftovers home (again) for tomorrow’s lunch. I was pleased to see that this week cauliflower was included in the vegetables served with the main dish – I love cauliflower. I had 3 glasses of red wine and even had room for the chocolate fondant dessert, which is absolutely delicious, and is available on the usual menu to have any time.
Back home we got confirmation that the Netflix issue was sorted and we could now use it again!
In the news today more airport staff tested positive in Saigon, here’s the info:

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