There’s nothing like a bout of stomach flu to make your clothes feel baggy! On Friday 9th April I was already awake early, before the time Captain Caveman would have left for Son Doong and I hadn’t spoken to him yet. He’d been too busy and so he called me from the bus on his way and I didn’t get to chat too much. I was starting to recover from the sickness so I had decided I would book Phuong for a shopping trip tomorrow and arranged for a 9am pick up. My shopping list was quite long because we’d not been on a shopping trip in ages so I was looking forward to getting stocked up. I decided I was feeling well enough to venture to the Phong Nha Farmstay for an early lunch and went to sit outside, to admire the plants, while I waited for Duyet with the van. For lunch I ordered a mushroom soup and some veggie spring rolls which were nice, then went home for a bit of a lay down. In the afternoon I ate some plain crisps and felt a lot better but decided not to go to pizza night in case I was contagious still. There was mention on the Farmstay noticeboard of a free shuttle service between Farmstay and The Villas which I was pleased about, so I messaged to book in for Monday, in case I fancied a Margarita!
I contacted Mo, the owner of Earth cafe in Dong Hoi, to preorder several takeaway dishes for me – after being poorly I fancied getting some healthy food in and wanted to try her new takeaway menu.
For dinner I toasted some sourdough then added a tomato sauce base, salami and cheese to make a very small pizza style meal – I was definitely feeling much better. Phuong messaged to ask could we move the shopping trip to 7am the next day to accommodate an airport pickup so I agreed and set the alarm for 6.15am.

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