Veronika and I were meant to be going to the market at 7.30am on Thursday 29th April but the rain was just too heavy, we would try tomorrow. It was too rainy for me to even accompany Tatas for breakfast at the Farmstay so she left without me. Posts on Facebook showed that Dong Hoi had started to have some water on the roads that looked quite deep for the time of year.
I had toast for a late breakfast and was fine so I went berserk and made a chicken pasta for lunch which wasn’t gluten free and gave me a slight reaction. Plans to go to  The Villas were moved to tomorrow as there was no free shuttle and the cost of a taxi meant I wouldn’t have enough money to spend on booze – Captain Caveman’s budget didn’t stretch to transport but 9km each way is a bit too far for me to cycle.  Instead I decided to watch some Netflix and try to have a relaxing day.
For dinner I had a very healthy chicken, rice and sweetcorn while making plans for tomorrow, as some friends from Saigon would be in Phong Nha. Captain Caveman was due back from Son Doong tomorrow too which meant we could perhaps meet him at The Villas before his Chay Lap gala dinner. Andrea was staying at one of the Farmstay houses, as the Farmstay itself was fully booked for the Reunification day and Labour Day weekend. All in all a quiet day staying at home and taking it easy.

Photo credit – Dong Hoi, Facebook.

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