Monday 10th May was a great day for me in general as I reflected on how lucky I was considering all the hardship that was going on around the world right now. I woke up early with the tannoy but I didn’t get up and had started using this time in the morning to write blog posts. I did some swimming in the morning sun and chilled on the sun-lounger a short while to dry off before breakfast. I had dragon fruit, grapes and buttered sour dough toast before checking out the latest news.
There was confirmation that Vietnam had the Indian double mutant version of the virus in Hanoi, more info here:
Before lunch I read that the number of cases in Vietnam was quickly increasing, so much so that this was the first time a noon update had been given on the numbers, since Corona started. More here:
I had more grapes for lunch and a few of the brown rice crackers which I was starting to like now. There was more proof that lack of tourism in the area was taking its toll still as a Facebook post from The Villas restaurant on their change of opening hours to 7-11am and 4.30-8.30pm each day (previously it was 7am – 10pm). We didn’t know how much longer Captain Caveman would still have tours for, given the 4th wave, and I was very conscious of needing to save money, which I needed for my visa extensions, which were starting to cost more each month. I had a message from the agent to tell me that the visa extension for this month had gone up by 50% because of the length of time I’ve been extending and the Corona risks and I had a feeling it might not be long before I had to think about an exit strategy perhaps. I chopped up some carrots, onion and mushrooms and put them in the rice cooker with the left over Bolognese to simmer for dinner and got back in the pool.
Steve and June got in touch to say their apartment in Danang was a Corona isolation zone and they had to stay home until further notice, after a positive case from someone who lived or worked there. They had been tested once and were negative so far and were keeping calm about the situation.
My extra vegetable-filled Bolognese went well with the rice noodles and a small glass of red wine for a late dinner and then I was early to bed.

I had another lovely day on Tuesday 11th May and I even slept through the noise of the tannoy in the morning! I decided to make a gluten free pancake which I had with dragon fruit and honey for breakfast. I washed up and tidied while the housekeeping staff cleaned our room and then I did some swimming and shade-bathing while catching up on the news. Reports of a school quarantine as authorities fought to keep the virus spread under control, more here:
I prepped more veg and fruit as well as shoving a defrosted portion of masaman curry in the rice cooker for dinner. I ate the last of the bolognese and rice noodles for lunch, this time with a bit of melted cheese on. Captain Caveman got out of Son Doong and was meant to have the briefing for his next tour that night, clashing with his gala dinner, but the tour for tomorrow had cancelled due to Corona. He decided he would go to the gala dinner with his customers and then stay at the Glass House tonight, tomorrow he would go in to the office before coming home. I ate a piece of dark chocolate and then had a couple of bowls of the masaman curry for dinner, but no alcohol! I had a bad stomach for the rest of the evening and there is no gluten in the curry, in fact I’d had no gluten all day!

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