I slept in until 7am on Saturday 22nd May so I was feeling a lot less tired than yesterday. While eating breakfast of banana, apple, dragon fruit, cashew nuts and brown rice crackers I watched an informative video about the situation with visas, tourist (like mine) and business (like a few of my friends). Here’s the link if you have a few minutes to watch the video to find out what is going on with the visa extension situation in Vietnam of late. Scroll down to the video and article in this link, it’s very informative:
In the rest of the news there were more cases and Vietnam had Corona death number 41. My visa agent replied to say she hoped the passport would arrive today or tomorrow – even on a Sunday it could still arrive by post! So at this point I was still hopeful of a trip to Saigon and Tam Hai for a nice holiday within a holiday with Captain Caveman.
I had tortilla, salami and cheese for lunch and wasn’t ill then started on a Plan B, and C, for our holiday, just incase we couldn’t do what we wanted to. In the afternoon I tried to make popcorn and the extension cable blew up, I had the sparkling peach drink with rum (a double) and sat by the pool. I followed it up with a single gin and peach with lots of ice.
I went to get dinner that evening and Veronika had left the washing up water in the sink so I put my hand in to take the plug out and something startled me – it was a very scared gecko! He wouldn’t let me pick him up and couldn’t climb out of the slippery sink sides so in the end I held a tuppaware lid out for him to run up and he hid behind some empty glass bottles. The poor thing almost drowned, his heart was beating so fast as he watched me warm up my pork and broccoli in the microwave, for my dinner. For afters I had the carrot cake I brought home from the Farmstay before, it had kept well in the freezer, and for the first time in ages, after eating gluten and dairy in the same day, my stomach was perfectly fine! I went to bed early, hoping I would get a call tomorrow to say my passport had arrived and we could go on holiday!

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