Back home, on the afternoon of Thursday 17th June, having had my first vaccination, I made myself a ham sandwich and some tea. I had organised Ladies Night for later so I decided to rest up as I didn’t want to feel unwell for my night out. Captain Caveman was in Phong Nha for a bit longer and by the time he got home I had various messages from some of the ladies to ask questions, change arrangements or to cancel. I got a message from one lady to say that 3 people wouldn’t be able to make it because they had been vaccinated and weren’t feeling well. With 15 minutes before we were due to leave I was asked if we could move the event to next week instead, but Tatas was already on her second cocktail and wondered where we were.   Momma D, had been the first to arrive and was sat next to Tatas. I sat next to Tatas, opposite Bich, who was next to Shannon, Veronika sat next to Shannon and Momma D. On the other side of me was Hong and Hạnh, then Ngày and Moon. Hien and Trang joined later so we had a full table and only 3 people unable to come. I decided to try the sangria and a burger but I was conscious that having the jab I might feel a bit fragile so I took it steady on the alcohol. The food was great and I couldn’t finish the burger, it was so big! I had one glass of wine which Tatas shared with me, as she bought a bottle to share with some of the others.
It was a good night and everyone said they really enjoyed it and agreed to arranging another Ladies Night, the next one would be at Momma D’s and I created a Ladies in Phong Nha group on Facebook to pick a date and add the event.
I think Captain Caveman was as surprised as I was that I was home by 9pm after a Ladies night out and even more shocked that I was sober. I did feel incredibly tired though and my vaccinated arm had started to feel a bit heavy. By 10.30pm I was so cold that I was shivering and had to layer up with clothes and a scarf in bed, the room was at least 26°C but I felt like it was freezing. Captain Caveman snuggled up to me and held me tight to keep me warm, until I fell asleep.

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