On Tuesday 13th July Captain Caveman had to return Tatas’ motorbike to her and so I asked him to take the cake she left at our place on Sunday night back to give her, but when I sent her a message to remind her about it she told me that he hadn’t given her the cake! We already had 3 more pieces of cake at home so it would be a mystery (for now) as to what happened to the cake.
I ate some pomelo and mangosteen for breakfast with jasmine tea and read the news as usual. It was reported that finally people from Saigon have to self isolate on arrival in to other areas of Vietnam, so far people had been free to move to other provinces without any checks or isolation. Here’s the article:
The number of new cases was the highest ever daily amount in Vietnam so far and had more than doubled the previous day’s amount so things were starting to get more worrying. I saw on Facebook more and more westerners were planning to get out of Vietnam.
Captain Caveman returned and we had crisp sandwiches as our first lunch, the crisps from The Villas and Phong Nha Farmstay are the best, Naturals. I didn’t go in the pool with Captain Caveman today because my face eczema was particularly bad and the chemicals in the pool make it worse. By 3pm we were eating our second lunch of chicken and veg stir fry with steamed rice – very tasty.
That evening Captain Caveman had his next Son Doong briefing at 6pm so he cycled over to Phong Nha, he’d got a full group again, which was great news but we weren’t sure for how much longer customers would still be able to travel to go on the tours. For dinner I had chicken and gherkin sandwiches and finished the wine Tatas’ had left on Sunday, which I really should have put in the fridge.
I got a message from one of the Ladies of Phong Nha to say she had decided to move to Hoi An at the end of this month so we should arrange a Ladies Night for her going away party – how could I refuse. Unfortunately Phong Nha was losing more of its Westerners as the months rolled by and the virus situation didn’t make it any easier, knowing it might be a while before any tourists, or people who had left, would be able to come back in to Vietnam.

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