My Google searches in August had more Turkey, vaccine and travel related searches in, given that I was planning to go back to Turkey soon. Here’s the list in alphabetical order:
1. Astra Zeneca vaccine efficacy 1 dose
2. Airport Assistance
3. Canitravel
4. CDC Dong Hoi
5. Dong Hoi to Hanoi in Km
6. Entry to Turkey
7. Ethylene Oxide
8. French beans
9. Government in Turkish
10. Horseradish
11. İş Bankası
12. Ivermectin
13. joloyolo playlist YouTube
14. King Emlak
15. Mebendazole
16. Moderna vaccine
17. Only 1 vaccine at 12 weeks
18. Pfizer vaccine
19. Qatar Airways PCR test requirements
20. Radish recipes
21. Singapore Airlines PCR test requirements
22. Sinopharm vaccine
23. UK Red list
24. worldlifeexpectancycoronavirus
25. Yoga retreat Dalyan

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