I had a simit, cheese spread and olives for breakfast on Thursday 30th September and had messages from Captain Caveman who had been for a hair cut and shave this morning. I booked my hair appointment in with Emrah as I was so desperately needing it cut and dyed, it had not been done since the Danang holiday with Tatas about 5 months ago. I also booked in for a massage as my back and leg needed attention, I wasn’t used to so much walking about and my ankle wasn’t too clever most of the time.
Sadly, it was Jamie’s last day here in Dalyan and he’d arranged to meet at Aşkin’s for a farewell drink later. I still had an EasyJet flight for this year that had been cancelled which I needed to change, I’d not been able to do it in Vietnam as the EasyJet website is blocked there. I moved it to a random date in the future, just to keep the flight and went for September 2022, not really knowing what my plans were. For lunch I made some of the Bolognese into a pasta bake, using the vegan cheese but that wasn’t good for cooking. That night I had a wander in to town and was undecided where to eat, when I saw Ann and Jax in Aşkin’s having a glass of wine and they invited me to join them, I had a draught Efes beer, Jamie and his neighbours arrived, we had a drink then went next door to Spice Garden. It had been just over a year since the only Indian restaurant in Phong Nha had closed down so I was looking forward to being able to choose to eat Indian food again, while I’m in Turkey. I used to go to Spice Garden on occasion when I was here before but I’d never tried the special meal deals before. Jamie and I decided we would order a meal deal and share the starter and side dishes, he was also conscious of flying early tomorrow morning so didn’t want anything too risky. We had samosas and onion bhajis to start, I had chicken masala and Jamie had chicken dhansak, we shared pilau rice and a garlic naan bread and it was definitely the best meal I’ve had at Spice Garden. The portions were a good size and if I’d been less greedy I could easily have taken half home but I was enjoying it so much that I ate almost all of it and then could hardly move. Jax even said she thought she had a food baby and had to walk around to feel less stuffed. Not all of us at the table had the special deal but everything we did have was good, the food came out together and the service was excellent. Unfortunately it meant I was too full for drinking more and so when Sarah joined us for farewell drinks at Aşkin’s I had to have an Amaretto with ice. I had started to be able to smell a cheesy smell as we were paying the bill in Spice Garden but it was stronger in Aşkin’s so I asked if others could smell it. Sarah reckoned it was the cheesy crisps they give out with the drinks but I didn’t think it was that. After 1 drink I decided to leave, Jamie and Sarah were stopping by Sofra bar for more goodbyes but I couldn’t stop, I already needed the loo. I bumped in to Andrea, John and Adem who were sat having a drink outside Dalyan Lounge but I seriously could not stop, by this time Jamie had caught me up and he also needed to get home to the bathroom as soon as possible. We said our very quick goodbyes and promised to meet at the Radisson, Manchester airport in December, as we were flying back to Dalyan together for New Year. It was going to be weird being in Dalyan without Jamie, he’s such a lovely bloke and he’d introduced me to such nice people who had become my friends too.
I only just made it home in time and I wasn’t sure whether it was a reaction to one of my food allergies or the amount I had eaten (probably both).

September had been an usual month; the first 3 weeks had been spent in lockdown at Elements Collection with Captain Caveman. It would turn out to be a very expensive month but there was finally some progress as I got my 2nd Astra Zeneca vaccine, thanks to Oxalis. I got lucky and managed to escape to Turkey where, despite the high Corona rates, everything is as normal (pretty much). There were more tears than a usual month over failed escape attempts, missing celebrations back in England, not being able to say bye to most people and having to say goodbye to Captain Caveman without knowing when we would see each other again.

My blogging continued to be a good way for me to vent my frustrations at not being able to leave Vietnam and I got some great support from people reading, as I moaned on, sometimes forgetting how lucky I was to be in Vietnam in the first place.
As for the Corona data, I was so used to getting the daily updates when I was in Vietnam that I missed not knowing how the country I am in reports local cases, so far everyone was telling me it was ‘safer than the UK’ but that wasn’t a benchmark I was too happy with and I continued to be concerned I would catch the virus.
Here’s a Corona summary for September of the 3 countries that have an affect on me, it was very strange going from such a strict lockdown with comparatively fewer cases, but Vietnam still had a lot more deaths.

September Cases 328,659
September Deaths 8,237
September Recoveries 369,971
September mortality rate 2.51%
Total Cases 790,755
Total Deaths 19,301
Total Recoveries 608,831
Total mortality rate 2.44%
Population 98 million

September Cases 750,000
September Deaths 7,334
September Recoveries 780,000
September mortality rate 0.98%
Total Cases 7,150,000
Total Deaths 64,054
Total Recoveries 6,620,000
Total mortality rate 0.9%
Population 85 million

September Cases 1,000,000
September Deaths 4,127
September Recoveries 850,000
September mortality rate 0.4%
Total Cases 7,800,000
Total Deaths 136,662
Total Recoveries 6,320,000
Total mortality rate 1.75%
Population 68 million

In September Vietnam’s number of cases were not much higher than August, but the deaths were lower and the recoveries higher then the previous month. The cases in Vietnam, for September, were still around half the amount of Turkey and a third of the UK, the deaths were twice as many as the UK and 1,000 more than Turkey. Vietnam was still in lockdown in most places, until the 30th September, but they were making some progress with the vaccines.
In September Turkey’s cases had gone up by 50,000 compared to August but Recoveries had more than doubled those of August, the deaths had increased too.
The UK for September had the most cases out of the 3 countries, the cases this month were 1 million, recoveries had increased but deaths had doubled again for the 2nd month in a row, which was concerning.
In the World data September had 16.3 million cases and 16.19 million recoveries for September, both figures trending in the right way, even the number of deaths this month was less than August.

October was going to be an interesting month for me, the most exciting thing was that I would get to see my parents after almost 2 years apart and I couldn’t wait! I was also going to embark on getting my 2 year Turkish residency and hopefully start to get my next set of (Pfizer) vaccines. Once that was out of the way I think the inevitable would have to happen, towards the end of the year – I needed to get a job! Having been a Lady of Leisure for just over 2 years it was time to look for online/remote work that I could do in Turkey or the UK, there were no guarantees I’d be able to go back to Vietnam in 2022 so it was time to make some money while I was on a more suitable time zone.

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