I woke up at 7.30am on Wednesday 29th September and had cornflakes for breakfast. Captain Caveman sent me messages saying I am confirmed fully vaccinated on the Vietnamese app now, but of course the app doesn’t work in Turkey so no matter what I tried I can’t access the details, which will include a QR code and a batch number for each jab. The good news was that Vietnam will recognise vaccinations from Turkey and UK now so if I could get 2 more vaccines that would be good. Captain Caveman also informed me that in the week since I had left Vietnam there still hadn’t been any positive cases in our village, Khuong Ha. Captain Caveman and I discussed making some alterations to the kitchen in the Dalyan apartment so I sent him some photos so he could give it some thought for ideas. I also sent him photos of the pergola that I think we need to get replaced, another thing I added to my list to find out more about. I did lots more washing up, lots of things in cupboards were still dirty and I decided to make a chicken curry in the slow cooker. At 11am I went over to my parents’ place to meet the gardener for the key, and to check the apartment. I checked the place out which, apart from being a bit dusty, was fine and took loads of photos to send to my mom. Next I walked home the long way round so I could call at the bakery. I walked past a house where Jimmy, the dog, used to be in the garden but he wasn’t there and neither was the kennel or fence. I bought a loaf and 2 simits at the bakery which came to 7 lira (70p) and went home to add cheese and olives to my purchases for lunch.

In the afternoon I had been invited to Casablanca hotel by Maddie for food, drinks and live music from Onur. In attendance were the usual suspects; Jamie, Ann, Jax, Sarah, Süleyman, Annie, Peter, Maddie, Angela and Nick plus there were a few other people including Hannah and a bloke called Adam wearing a Vietnam T-Shirt! I had a few beers, 2 plates of food, listened to some great tunes and had a full tour of the lovely hotel. It was a really civilised afternoon, the staff are great, the food was a delicious Turkish spread which we helped ourselves to – I even ran out of plate by the time I got to the home made chips. Jamie ‘insisted’ on us all having a Mr G cocktail, which I must admit are somewhat moreish and that’s when normality kicked back in.

A few of us decided to go in to town for more drinks at Aşkin’s bar, so I nipped home to turn off my curry, Annie and Jamie went to get a shower but me, Ann and Jax went as we were, thinking we were just going for one! Of course it turned in to one of those nights, drinking until 10.30pm, even having a glass of wine and some terrible cheese at Sofra bar with Rebecca, her mom and Jamie’s neighbours. We couldn’t work out if Peter was wearing a pink or orange shirt but we did a test at the clothes shops on the main shopping street, we decided he was wearing coral! It was a good night and I slept well!

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