After buttered toast for breakfast on Wednesday 6th October I went to meet Hüseyin, the translator, at Lukka bar at 10.30am, as organised by Sonuç yesterday. Hüseyin did all the work at the notary office in Ortaca, then we were on our way back to Dalyan. The cost of the notary was 331 lira (£28) and the cost of Hüseyin and his services was 350 lira (£30) but it was simple and fairly quick.
Back in Dalyan I had a 2nd breakfast, with Ann at Lukka bar, she had a full English, I had a breakfast wrap (without egg) for the first time and it was really good!
Back home I got an update from Captain Caveman; his foot was hurting again and Duyet had been to get him some medication because he was having trouble walking, I got him to agree to see a doctor, Max (Stu’s eldest) had delivered pork and homemade BBQ sauce to him so he was happy with that.

I’d got the rest of the Bolognese out of the freezer and was hoping to have that for dinner before going out, I still had half the bottle of wine left from yesterday too so I sat on the balcony with some nice wine and olives. Unfortunately the Bolognese didn’t defrost in time so after a nibble of cheese and toast I headed over to Heybe’s for dinner. On my way I walked past Lukka bar where I saw Sarah and Katrina and they invited me to join them for a drink so I had a quick glass of wine and a good look at their food (the BBQ chicken pizza looked great) before toddling off to meet the others – I did say I’d call in for a nightcap on my way home.

When I arrived at Heybe’s already there were Maddie, Angela and Nick and a few of their friends, and the place was quite busy. I met a nice elderly Turkish gentleman, Ibo, and I recommended the işkender to him. We all ordered and I couldn’t resist having the işkender for the 2nd time in the 2 weeks since I’d arrived – it really is so tasty.
Onur was playing and it was an open mic night so I ended up singing a few old favourites with him. He picked out Valerie by the Zutons/Amy Winehouse, I picked out What’s up by Four Non Blondes, then we managed to get away with Hey Jude by The Beatles. All of us were having a great time and I managed to persuade Nick to sing Mad World by Tears for Fears/Gary Jules with me. I didn’t realise that Donny, the owner and chef at Heybe’s, was doing a live video update to Facebook for all to see, Nick and I agreed a bit of practice wouldn’t have gone a miss but we didn’t care and we were enjoying ourselves. We met a nice couple who were here on holiday and they were singing along to all the songs. If you can bare to watch/listen, here’s Donny’s video:
After that it was time to ‘get my coat’, walk the short journey home via Lukka to see if Sarah and Katrina were still there – they weren’t so I went straight home. Before bed I checked my shoulder and the cyst was no bother at all, which was reassuring.

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