At 9am on Monday 11th October, after not being able to go to sleep until after 4am, I was at the ATM getting out more money for the residency application and tax, which I was giving to Sonuç for him to go to Ortaca with today. It was already quite warm with a forecast of 32°C for this afternoon, as I walked to the King Emlak office. When I arrived both Sonuç and Leanne agreed I needed to see a doctor straight away and I went to see the local Dalyan one. Sonuç wasn’t leaving for Ortaca for another 30 minutes and would perhaps take me to hospital if needed. At the local clinic I waited to see the doctor and had to show my (expired) residency card to get past the receptionist, we all had to wear masks and wait outside until a doctor called us. When the doctor called my name we were allowed in the waiting room inside the building, where I showed her the cyst and she looked alarmed and told me I needed to go to hospital immediately, there was an ambulance outside that could take me but I messaged Sonuç to ask him to take me.
Meanwhile my parents were on their way to Manchester airport and wouldn’t have WiFi until they checked in to the Radisson Blu hotel so I was unable to let them know what was going on, or that the weather forecast looked very wet for when they arrived.
We went to the Devlet hospital in Ortaca which is the one the locals use and has a good reputation. Unfortunately my appointment wasn’t until 2.50pm and Sonuç had work to do (including my residency work) so he agreed to drop me at a nice cafe where I would spend a few hours, then he would pick me back up to go back to the hospital. He dropped me at the well-known Pier Gusto, which a lot of my friends had recommended to me before but I’d never been, and as I walked in I saw Gürkan, my taxi driver friend, sat outside having coffee.
As I was going to be here for the next 4 hours I chose a comfy seat inside and ordered the Turkish breakfast, which comes with 2 Turkish teas and I ordered extra water. I wasn’t feeling too well and, obviously, was a little worried about going to hospital for potential minor surgery – I should have washed my hair while I could still move my arm! I was also quite relieved that this wasn’t happening in Vietnam where I would have been far more concerned about a hospital visit.
The Turkish breakfast at Pier Gusto was only 55 lira (£4.66) and was full on, there was no way I could finish it and afterwards I was so tired I thought I’d fall asleep. Luckily a family with 2 small kids sat at the next table and made sure I wouldn’t nod off by having some annoying kids cartoon on loud for the daughter who was barely watching it. I spent the rest of the time writing and editing blogs as best I could concentrate on and the time went by quite quickly. At 2.30pm Sonuç picked me back up and we were on our way to the Devlet hospital once again. There is a lot of walking in the hospital from one desk to pay for the appointment, to see the doctor and I was lucky that Sonuç was able to be there as I think I’d have been there so much longer trying to figure it all out. He also managed to get me the resident price of only 55 lira (£4.66) to see the doctor, instead of 200 lira or more.
Once back upstairs the waiting room was crowded and we expected to have to wait a while, but I was called within minutes. The doctor looked at the cyst, poked it (which hurt) and then was done. He spoke only Turkish and Sonuç acted as translator to say that the cyst was infected and if he was to remove it now it could be a problem, it needed antibiotics and painkillers for 1 week and I should come back if it got any worse, or after it had gone down. He wrote out the prescription and we were done by 3pm and off back to Dalyan.
The medications I got from my favourite pharmacy in Dalyan were Stafine and Etol Fort. The Stafine 500mg tablet was to be taken every 12 hours and the English equivalent is called Fucidin which can make you drowsy and I should avoid alcohol with it. The Etol Fort 400mg is an equivalent to Diclofenac and is an anti inflammatory painkiller to be taken twice a day with food. I was of course glad to get the medication but I was gutted to have to give up alcohol for 7 days, just as my parents were due to arrive too!
When we got back Sonuç and I went to Lukka bar so we could sort out the money situation and, because I had not started the medication yet, we decided to have a beer – just the one! The night got messy as we laughed at Sonuç with his funny stories and him taking the piss out of me for having a dinosaur egg growing on my shoulder, while we had just one more beer. Jackie and David from next door came back off a boat trip and stopped for a drink and the night got messier as David added beers to the round, more banter and laughs were had and I hardly remembered having the pizza for dinner!
We turned what was initially a stressful day in to a good old impromptu drinking session with good friends and I had to message my sister to ask her to text my mom to let her know I was fine and I would be at home when ma & pa arrived tomorrow. My Turkish phone, for some strange reason, has data and calls but I cannot text anyone (Turkish or English numbers) and my mom didn’t seem to have her WiFi on yet.
Tomorrow I would see my parents again after 1 year, 11 months and 17 days and I was so excited.

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