By the time I got up on Monday 25th October I was feeling a bit better and quite hungry. Despite the 5 or 6 imodium tablets and a Gastropulgite yesterday, my stomach was still not good but I forced down my dinner from last night. It was very nice but it didn’t stay in my stomach and I had to have a little rest and drink lots of water. It was a cloudy day and I wanted to go to the bank but I couldn’t risk being away from a bathroom for long enough.
Mom had suggested we should go somewhere cheap for dinner as we had been going out quite a lot but when we referred to the list of places we still haven’t tried my parents thought we could give Caretta Caretta restaurant a try. It’s named after the famous turtles but they don’t eat turtle here and it’s situated in the square near to the mosque. When we arrived the restaurant was very busy and had lots of families in, I decided to have a glass of red wine, hoping my stomach could handle it. The menu is vast and so Dad and I weren’t sure what to choose at first, Mom ordered lamb chops and I thought trying traditional Turkish dishes would be a good idea. Dad ordered the Çeltik kebab which was beef and chicken on a bed of chipstick style fried potatoes in a tomato sauce and I had the beyti kebab which was meatballs wrapped in bread and covered in tomato sauce. We were given complimentary lavaş (balloon bread) which I only had a very small amount of because of my stomach. Mom enjoyed her meal and said the lamb chops were beautiful and tender, Dad wasn’t keen on his as he said the tomato sauce was too sweet for him and had maybe chose the wrong dish. My beyti kebab was nice and I liked that it came with a side salad and nice chips and rice, the tomato sauce was a bit too sweet for me too but I still enjoyed the meal. After eating I suggested a drink at Bistro Blue and we had a couple sat outside there, even though it was starting to be a bit colder at night now, 19°C.

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