When I woke up on Tuesday 26th October I knew it was going to be a good day, my shoulder was much better and the cyst was only producing a very small amount of clear liquid. The building site next door was at the concrete floor pouring stage today which was interesting to watch. I had my breakfast outside in the sun on the balcony and read in the news that the Vietnamese daily Corona cases were down to 3,600 per day and 65 deaths – much better than before.

My stomach was still not great but I was able to function and went to meet Ann, Ali and Sharon (all Jamie’s friends) at Lukka bar. I just had a drink but they all ordered lunch which looked great. In the afternoon Debbie (Darling) came to meet me and we went to the Dalyan clinic to ask if we could have a Corona vaccination. The doctor told me that they only vaccinate in groups of 5 or 6 so I should come back tomorrow for the Pfizer vaccine at 9.30am but unfortunately she told Debbie (Darling) that she didn’t need a third one because here they are only vaccinating up to 2 jabs and no boosters yet so I was lucky to get booked in. This was all great news and it fitted with my plans for me to be classed as vaccinated in Vietnam, Turkey and the UK so all would be fine for my visit (and return) to England in December with 3 days spare after the 14 days since my 2nd Pfizer vaccine! I walked back along the river to Lukka bar for a wine, a last drink with Jamie’s mates as Ali and Sharon were heading home tomorrow, it was a nice civilised afternoon with a lovely evening out planned.

I had booked a table for 6 of us at Egehan Boutique hotel for dinner with Maddie, Angela and Nick and as an added bonus Onur was playing live music there. I’d not been before, I had heard good things about the food and it was one of Maddie’s favourite restaurants in Dalyan. The place itself is very lovely with an intimate fine dining kind of vibe going on and excellent toilets. The tables were by the pool and the menu was quite fancy but not particularly expensive, we all decided to have wine and most of us had starters. We got a cute little amuse bouche to get us going with some fancy bread crackers, I had prawns to start, Dad and Nick had chicken soup and Mom had what looked like an amazing octopus dish. Most of us went for the steak for mains except for Dad who fancied a spot of salmon. The wine and chat flowed easily, the music from Onur was delightful and really made the night special with some expertly chosen numbers which Onur knew were Dad’s favourites. Maddie amazed us with her rendition of Valerie as she’s got a lovely singing voice. As the night cooled down and Dad tried the crème brûlée for dessert I got one of the blankets with toddles on, which I absolutely loved as they were so cosy. My stomach wasn’t too good still so I had to limit the amount of wine I had to just a couple of glasses but I really enjoyed the evening and I definitely would like to eat there again. We walked home with a stray dog following us, as is often the case on the streets of Dalyan. He was such a cutie and when he picked up a discarded disposable mask off the street I told him to drop it and he did – he was probably a pet that had been dumped.

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