It looked like it might rain on Saturday 30th October as I ate buttered toast for breakfast and read the Vietnamese news where an article lead me to believe my Vietnamese vaccines should be ok to enter the UK with:
However, there was still the issue that I would be returning in to Turkey from England with Vietnamese vaccines and I didn’t trust that it would be recognised by check-in staff who would want UK or Turkish vaccination proof.
I called round for my parents as we were off to the Saturday market at 11am, I still had quite a bit of stuff left as we weren’t eating at home much so I just bought onions, lettuce and plums, all for less than a pound. On the way back we called in the Şevikoğlu supermarket where I bought vinegar so that I could make pickled red cabbage, which I love!

After our browse around the market we decided to have an impromptu lunch at Bistro Blue, we always enjoy a meal there and it still looked like rain so we were hoping to get stranded. We sat outside but were near to the canopy should it rain and we all ordered steak salads and drinks. I had been looking forward to a steak and blue cheese salad for a couple of years now so I was excited, my stomach had been fine for a while now and I was going to continue to eat what I wanted. It tasted even better than I remembered it and, as the staff took the chair cushions inside, we ordered more drinks and I moved undercover.

It then fined up and we ordered desserts which was definitely a bit ambitious for me as I couldn’t finish all of my brownie. Mom and Dad did well with their sundaes and I think Dad ate his limoncello pud quicker because it had booze in. I often get a bad stomach when I have chocolate brownies and today it happened again.

While all this enjoying ourselves was happening I was having our apartment cleaned and so I didn’t want to go back too early. I’d said not to wash the stairs because I find them too slippy when they don’t dry off but it wouldn’t be Turkey without a surplus of water all over the place when I got back and she’d done a lovely job of the cleaning. We all agreed that after such indulgence at lunch time we would be staying in tonight, I knew whatever I ate for dinner had to include lettuce as I had loads of it. I had a nice sandwich and we cancelled plans for a boat trip tomorrow – our province of Muğla had heavy rain and floods forecast for the rest of the weekend.

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