I woke up loads of times all through the night and in the early hours of Friday 29th October because of my achy arm from my Pfizer vaccine on Wednesday. While still in bed I read the news, including an article from Vietnam which stated the obvious but which seemed to be reporting a common problem, even here in Dalyan, that people think that if they are vaccinated they can’t spread Corona, when in fact it could be easier to spread it because of lack of symptoms, here’s the info:
There was also and interesting read in the UK about having 3 jabs, which I found useful given my own situation:
I had a filling breakfast of cornflakes, toast, grapes and a plum and I had got some chicken curry out for later before our usual Friday night out. The building site next door was also coming along pretty quickly as the wooden shuttering was put up around the sides for the ground floor and I was curious to find out if it would be someone’s home, I hoped it wouldn’t be a noisy bar. I decided to have the chicken tikka masala with potato wedges, it was delicious and a good meal to have before music bingo at Lukka bar. Penny and Phil were already there and we joined their table, the bingo this week was a bit more tricky because it was Halloween themed and some of the songs were alien to us all but we still had a good laugh and I won the first round which was a drink (a nice glass of red wine), then Penny won the second round which was a gift from Maizie Moo. Mehmet is so funny at reading out the answers although his English pronunciation is getting better each week and so not as funny when he says it correctly. The place got wild later on with some more excitable customers getting a bit carried away on the homemade dancefloor and one customer had his top off, it was hilarious as most of the local expat community frowned upon these unruly holiday makers. It was great that Penny had won as she’s been coming for weeks and it’s her first time of winning but even she was not up for half naked spanking dances.

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