On Friday 5th November I started the day with my weekly weigh-in and took my measurements, even though I knew it was a bit pointless as I was really not watching what I ate at all. It was just a habit I’d got in to tracking and it did help me to see where I should be doing better and highlighted where I think my food intolerances are. I had stayed the same weight as last week, surprisingly, my measurements were pretty good but it did mean that there were differences in my legs of 1cm for thighs and 0.5cm for calves, which ideally I needed to rectify. I’d been doing much more walking in Dalyan compared to back in Phong Nha but I couldn’t go very far and was still very slow because of the pain in my ankle.
The building site next door was still making for interesting viewing as the preparation for the concrete posts continued with the erecting of the metal casings for the ground floor columns.
I had my daily probiotic drink followed by bread, cheese spread and olives for breakfast and as it was my parents’ last week we were off out to make the most of the river views with a lunch time treat. I’d been to Alegria once before and was really looking forward to going again, this time for my parents’ first visit there. We got a lovely shady spot overlooking the tombs and the river, the sun was shining on such a lovely day. Mom ordered octopus and a portion of chips, Dad chose the quiche with salad and I went mad with a goats cheese, beetroot and walnut salad. Of course there was a nice bottle of white wine to wash it all down with as the very nice waiter pointed out a turtle swimming in the river. We also watched as the cormorants swam and showed us their diving skills while we enjoyed the tranquil ambience. The food was fantastic but I was a bit greedy and we all decided to have a dessert. I knew Dad would have the apple pie and ice cream, Mom had ice-cream which was meant to be lemon and something else but she ended up with vanilla. I ordered a mosaic cake as I’d never had it before but I still haven’t because they didnt have any and I ended up with a fig cake which was very nice but rather sickly with that ‘fake’ cream stuff on the top. My stomach was fine after the cheese and the cake and we took a stroll down to check out another new place by the river, Le Bohème.

Previously this place was Casa Nova but had been renovated and was now looking mighty posh. I’d heard extremely mixed reviews and so we decided to check it out for a drink so we could see what the menu looked like, perhaps for another time. We had a table by the river again and this was the first (and only) place we had been where all the staff were masked up, we realised this is because there were tour groups arriving by boat from other areas of Turkey and it was good to see the staff being careful. The prices were definitely higher but not ridiculous compared to the UK, Dad had a beer, me and mom had a glass of house white wine which was very nice and the bill came to 112 lira (about £10 at the exchange rate that day). I browsed the menu which is huge and it did look a little out of our price range but would perhaps be good for a special occasion.

That night, as is our usual Friday night haunt, we went to Lukka bar for the music bingo quiz and had a good laugh and a sing song. Mom got lucky as she won the 2nd round of the bingo and got a beautiful Maizie Moo prize of a scented candle and a kiss from Mehmet! We had a great Friday and it was a wonderful start to the last full weekend for my ma & pa!

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