The rest of my weekend was more relaxed, I woke up on Sunday 7th November grateful that there was no building work going off and with a mission to retrieve my Dad’s swimmers from our boat trip on Thursday. I met Hakan, the Captain, at Yusuf’s boat and he went to collect them, they were still tied to the back of the boat where Dad left them and were pretty damp. I felt like I needed a hangover breakfast so I decided to go to Lukka bar for a bit of breakfast but I think I ordered the wrong thing. I was debating whether to have a full English but thought it would be too much and ordered a bacon and sausage sandwich which I had imagined might come on soft fresh bread. When it arrived it was in a hot toasted panini with 2 slices of bacon and a small amount of sausage but was served with a basket of hot potato wedges, which I’m not really a fan of and didn’t realise that’s how it came. For 38 lira (£2.92) it would be a bargain for anyone wanting that meal but I should have gone for a full English instead. On the way back in to the apartment I noticed there were more signs of life on the bougainvillea too which had started to be growing on each of the 3 plants. Captain Caveman was at Chay Lap today and having a day off, meeting up with our friend Phuong and her young son. In Vietnam the pandemic was still very much having an affect on the people and they were still fighting it like they were at war with the virus. It was interesting to see that Cambodia was now allowing visitors with quarantine, Thailand was about to allow tourists under certain conditions and there were talks that Vietnam may trial a set tourist package in the near future.
My UK driving licence had expired 2 years ago and so I applied for a new one (at a cost of £14) then gave my Mom the old one to post back to the DVLA in Swansea, my new one would be delivered in a couple of weeks.
My parents and I ate at Kebapçı Yusuf again for dinner as it is one of our favourites and the food is a bargain. I just had a coke and a mixed pide, with left overs taken home of course, my parents had the chicken and lamb shish and all were very tasty. I was joining Vanessa on a trip to Köyceğiz tomorrow and my parents decided they would also come along as it would be our last Dalyan boat trip this year.

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