I didn’t wake up until the alarm went off at 8am on Thursday 25th November. I’d gone to bed feeling quite cold, my heartbeat was quite a bit faster than normal too but when I woke up I was dripping in sweat, my quicker heart rate, and all other effects from yesterday’s vaccine, were gone. I had to be over at my parents’ apartment by 9am to let in the workmen who were going to be replacing some bathroom shower screens. I put on 3 layers and my rain jacket plus bagged up some boxes I was taking round to Debbie’s. When I arrived at my parents’ I let the guys in and they said to come back in 2 hours, I tried to see if Debbie (Darling) was up yet so I could help wrap the Christmas boxes for the Christmas fayre. There was no answer so I popped back home and had bread butter and cherry jam for breakfast. When I went back the workmen were about 30 minutes off finishing so I took some photos and sent them to Dad so he could check them before I paid up. They did a good job, it looked much better and they even did a thorough hoovering. As I left I saw they had discarded the old screens and all the new packaging on the floor outside, yet there is a bin less than 50 metres away and there was now a random man smashing out the glass of the old screens, on the road outside my parents’ place so he could take the frames. I shouted at him and told him he was leaving a mess on the road but he didn’t care. I went to Debbie’s but there was no answer and she hadn’t seen my messages so I left the boxes on her doorstep and set off back home. The shower screen smasher had gone so I moved most of the glass off the road and went back to turn off the electric, to this day the rubbish didn’t get cleaned up! I notice a lot that in Turkey people aren’t always so bothered about how they dispose of rubbish too much, or the environment. It may have been the after effects of the jab yesterday, or that the sun had come back out, but I was so hot all of a sudden and fancied a shower and a nap.
When I woke up again it was dark, I had been asleep for almost 5 hours and still felt a bit tired! For dinner I had more lasagne and red cabbage which was delicious but because I had slept through lunch I was still peckish. I decided I would have some chestnuts while watching more Selling Sunset on Netflix.

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