When I woke up on Wednesday 24th November I was sad to see in the Vietnamese news that there were still not enough Corona vaccines in Vietnam so deaths were higher than they should be, here’s more:
Worryingly, there was a report of deaths from a 2nd Verocell vaccine too, see below:
I just had a probiotic drink for breakfast and then got wrapped up for the walk to the doctor’s in quite heavy rain, it had been raining persistently throughout the night and all of the morning so far. When I arrived at the Dalyan Doctor’s I didn’t even have to show ID or give any details as they recognised me, there was an English couple there too and the lady was there for her booster. The nurse giving the vaccines didn’t speak English and the man of the couple had said he wasn’t there for a vaccine but before he could say much he had his jumper off and the nurse gave him it anyway. I had mine sat down, it took seconds and I did feel it this time so was expecting my arm to ache. I’d also tried looking up any experiences of someone who had received 2 Astra Zeneca and 2 Pfizer vaccines to try to anticipate any after effects but I couldn’t find anything useful on the internet. I felt happier knowing that my vaccines from Turkey would definitely be recognised to travel to England and back so I walked home, still in the rain, but feeling good. I had to change my clothes when I got in because I was soaked and then get ready for my Turkish class. This was the 2nd class since starting them last week at Lukka Bar, with Sioned, on a Wednesday lunch time. My last class had consisted of just 7 of us and it was an introductory class to see what we know and practice greetings and such like. This week it was a smaller group as 2 from last week couldn’t make it, unfortunately, and we went on to learn quite a bit and even had practice doing some role plays. Sioned is an excellent teacher and I found it a lot better than trying to just do I on Duolingo, plus I had forgotten a lot from when I had lessons 13 years ago. When I got home I had to change my socks and leggings again then I decided to watch series 3 of Selling Sunset which, for some reason, I love! I had a crisp sandwich and some chicken pieces with BBQ sauce for a not so healthy lunch. I told Vanessa about the Turkish lesson and helped arrange to get her invited to join the next one. That evening I got all cosy and even had to put the heating on in the living area, as the temperature really dropped. I had a wonderful dinner of homemade lasagne with red cabbage while watching the end of series 3 of Cuckoo. As I went to bed my arm was starting to ache a little bit and I had a funny twinge in my good leg just behind the knee, I also had a strange sensation (kind of itchy) where my shoulder cyst was. I took a paracetamol, set the alarm for 8am tomorrow and was asleep before 11pm.

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