I was not happy with the scales on the weekly weigh-in on Friday 4th March! I’d put 1Kg on. It was also disappointing that my legs had got slimmer, but not my waist!
After a bit of laptop time, I had a little cycle around the block and still didn’t know that Bluey2 had gears. Mark had agreed to help me move a chair at my parents’ place so he came over to meet me. I asked him about Bluey2 being sluggish and he showed me where the gears were and told me I need to pedal to change them. We cycled round the block to my parents’ apartment and I got the gears freed up a bit but still couldn’t work out what gear I’m in and there is no way of knowing. The chair legs had to come off and it be lifted above the bannister but we managed it. We tried to call in to visit Debbie (Darling) but she was either out or still in bed. She messaged once I’d got back home to say she was home so l cycled round for a visit before Zumba. The street dogs were causing a nuisance as their dad, Roy, was away and I saw the damage they had done from chewing anything useful.
I really enjoyed the Zumba class today and then had to rush off to a meeting.  I had arranged to meet Sonuç at Hotel Dalyance because I had decided to organise an event to celebrate international Women’s Day next week. I cycled there and we discussed a good deal to help us celebrate the evening with various women in Dalyan.
I finally ate something in the late afternoon, just an old favourite of beans on toast which I enjoyed. Quite a few of us decided we would book a table at Lukka bar for the music bingo night so I met Penny & Phil there earlier than the rest. I bought a bottle of wine and we had a nice chat before the others arrived (Vanessa & Matt, Kev & Janet, Mark & Kate, Sarah, Rachel). It was a great night with lots of laughs, fun music and plenty of dancing. There was even tequila shots involved and Penny bought sambuca shots too! Matt really gave the ball a right kick and ended the night dancing in the street, much to Vanessa’s amazement. 
When I got home I was hungry so I made mushroom and pesto pasta and then had an apple pie for dessert.

There is a weekly market in Dalyan so Vanessa and I had arranged to go together on Saturday 5th March. I called round to my parents’ apartment first to check that the painters were working as planned and that they had the keys for the patio doors if required. I messaged Dad with an update then went over to Vanessa’s. At the market I bought 6 potatoes and 4 onions for 12 lira (65p) from the first stall. At the next stall I bought 1 green pepper, 3 red peppers, 4 aubergines and a bag of mushrooms for 27.50 lira (£1.50). I needed some fruit so I splashed out and bought a punnet of strawberries for 40 lira (£2.16). With a full bag of fresh produce we wandered back to town and decided that a breakfast sandwich at Jiks would be a good idea. Vanessa and I had worked up quite a thirst but Jiks was the fullest I’d seen it this year. We bumped in to a few familiar faces and I got introduced to a lady from the singing group, who I had briefly met before. I had a bacon and mushroom sandwich with brown sauce and a couple of orange juices. In the afternoon a few mates went to play pool and have a natter down the pub but today I decided to give it a miss. The slow cooker came out and I put a bolognese in to cook for dinner. I decided to do some pickling as I had a lot of red cabbage in the fridge. I ate strawberries with natural yoghurt and honey for lunch. I had messages from Captain Caveman who had been to the Ukrainian embassy in Hanoi today. He’d gone with some Czech friends for a charity event to raise money for medical supplies in the Ukraine. He also sent me the recent electricity bill for here in Dalyan, it was 5 times that of the previous month and I’d hardly been in the apartment.
I ended up having an extra meal of Turkish cheese rolls, sausage, pickled cabbage, beetroot and gherkins. I had one chocolate spoon left from my birthday which I ate with strawberries.
My intention with the bolognese was to make a lasagne but I changed my mind and had some with a cheesy jacket potato instead. The rest I batched up for the fridge and freezer then tried to have an early night.
Unfortunately living near to the Jazz bar the inevitable weekend music noise prevented me from nodding off until the early hours.

I spent some time on Sunday 6th March organising the forthcoming International Women’s Day event. My original idea had been to do something during the day, as that is what we may have done when I was in Vietnam. Here in Dalyan it was a normal day so only the retirees and holiday makers would be available. I’d considered doing an afternoon at BC Spa but there were not many who could make it. I’d had quite a lot of input and some valuable suggestions on how to make the event more inclusive to all women in Dalyan too. Unfortunately, my lack of experience of celebrating this type of thing in Turkey along with the sensible approach made me decide a meal out and drinks with expat women would be about my limit.
In the Vietnamese news there was an update that China had their highest Corona cases in 2 years, more here:
At 2pm I had booked for me, Ann, Nanny Kay and Vanessa to have Sunday dinner at Lukka bar. We all had a soft drink to start with and I chose the beef dinner but with gravy on the side and no mashed potatoes. I really enjoyed mine and even took a tuppaware to put my leftovers in this week. At a cost of 160 lira (£8.60), not including a coke and a glass of red wine, it was a nice treat. The apple crumble with ice-cream for dessert is also good and none of that made it to a takeaway box.
Vanessa went home for an important family call but then came back over to mine. We managed to polish off a bottle of rosé wine while doing our Turkish homework, we are convinced our Turkish is much better when we have had a couple of wines! Later I decided to have more food and had pasta bolognese and then more strawberries.

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