On Thursday 24th March I still had no Corona symptoms but another friend had messaged to say she’d been feeling a bit under the weather this last couple of days. She had started with swollen glands on Tuesday and yesterday had been resting a lot, feeling tired. I resigned myself to the fact that I would probably get the virus but I just hoped I wouldn’t be one of the ones who would still test positive for ages after it, I needed to be negative to get in to Vietnam! I had a croissant for breakfast but was still peckish so had bread, olives and Baba Ghanoush too.
I read in the news that Singapore was to reopen to fully vaccinated international tourists, more here:
I masked up to meet the blind man at my parents’ apartment (there’s a joke in there somewhere) at 9.30am. He came to measure up and I had the unenviable task of picking out some bedroom blinds. I’m a fan of boring/plain interior furnishings and think a room can always be brightened up with removable patterns and colour. There wasn’t an awful lot to choose from that didn’t have a Turkish feel so I went with a plain creamy beige, hoping it wouldn’t be too vanilla for Ma & Pa. I paid a 500 lira deposit and the blind man said it would take a week or two for the blinds to be made, but he would message me. I had another go at putting up the curtains, I didn’t want to fall doing it so I made a mental note to ask someone taller than me to help before my parents arrived.
I had a bit of a cycle on Bluey2 around the local area but it was incredibly windy. For lunch I had some Saag Aloo and decided to stay away from Zumba in case I developed any Corona symptoms. I did the decent thing and asked the organisers of a trip I was going on tomorrow if I should stay away, or if a negative LFT result tomorrow morning would be sufficient. Unfortunately, when all the attendees were asked, there were 4 people who were due to go back to England soon so they asked that I didn’t join the trip, in case I was a symptomless spreader. I’d been looking forward to joining Vanessa and Matt on the trip to Akyaka but I was also happy to be cautious for the sake of others, given how many people in my circle of friends were positive at the moment – there would be other times.
I didn’t go to darts at Rehab for the same reason but instead I had another one of Emma’s pies for dinner. The steak and onion pie with carrots, broccoli, gravy and Henderson’s relish went down lovely with 3 glasses of red wine. I even treated myself to cheese and crackers for afters, I could taste and smell everything perfectly well and still had no Corona symptoms. Debbie (Darling), on the other hand, was quite unwell. In the evening I managed to be able to video call my sister’s phone so that I could wish my Mom a happy birthday, and I was sad that I wasn’t there. It looked like they were having a wonderful time and I was glad to see everyone was a bit merry and having fun. I decided we would celebrate again in a month’s time when my parents would be here in Dalyan.

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