I was hoping to sleep in on Friday 25th March but I was awake at 7am. My first task was to do another Lateral Flow Test then I got weighed and took my measurements while I waited the 15 minutes for the result.
I had put 1kg on but my LFT result was negative and I still had no symptoms so I probably could have gone on the Akyaka trip. It was better to not be the one blamed for passing it on, though, so I was happy to stay home. For brunch I had turkey ham with quinoa crackers, brie and olives while sat outside in the sunshine on the balcony.
I packed a suitcase ready to move in to Mark and Kate’s house for a spell of cat sitting while they spent 10 nights in England, from next week. When I arrived in the taxi, with a small suitcase full of winter clothes, I realised I may have underestimated the weather. Kate was mowing the lawn in short shorts and Mark looked like Hull’s answer to a long haired Crocodile Dundee! Kate had kindly invited me for dinner, which was already prepared for a feast later. Mark was instructed to erect the swinging chair by the pool, which I jokingly renamed the sex swing. A cold beverage was had and I moved my stuff in to the spare room, which I was pleasantly surprised to see had been tidied up a bit, even the cannisters of petrol had been removed. Just after 4pm I got a message from Ann, she had tested positive for Corona. I hadn’t seen her since Saturday, I was already negative but I was still concerned in case I had it and gave it to anyone. Kate’s reason for going to the UK was to visit her mother so it was important that her or Mark didn’t catch it. We decided to try to keep ourselves away from any new or untested people between now and when they left Turkey.
The dinner which Kate had cooked was a feast and I was really spoiled. There was roast pork (my first in 6 months), Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, honey roasted parsnips (I don’t like parsnips), sprouts with Turkish sausage and chestnuts, mashed swede (also not a fan), mangetout, carrots, cauliflower cheese, stuffing, apple sauce and gravy. It was like Christmas and it was almost emotional! I tried the parsnips and the swede and actually liked them, I even had extra helpings of the parsnips.
We drank wine, chatted and I got to know the cats a bit more. Kate was keen for me to wear her leopard print dressing gown so that the kittens could snuggle and wouldn’t miss her, but I thought that might be above and beyond my role!
There was more wine, Mark brought out a cheese plate with Kate’s homemade membrillo (quince jam, for the unfamiliar) and I was in heaven. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, Kate announced she had a treat for us (no, not the leopard print dressing gown). Homemade fruitcake with proper butter and cheese was served to Mark and I, he looked distraught that Kate had given me a slice of ‘his’ cake! I thought Mark was joking but he really was upset that I was eating some of his precious cake and that Kate had told me which tin it was in! It was going to take a lot of willpower not to eat all of it while they were away – honestly I wasn’t sure if I had that level of restraint.
It was a great night with lots of stories and laughs and I stayed over as it was pretty late.

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