Kate and I were up before Mark on Saturday 26th March and we were still chuckling at how upset he had been over me having a piece of his beloved fruitcake. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely saw where he was coming from; it was moist and full of fruit with cherries in so I definitely wouldn’t have wanted to be sharing it willy nilly. I had toast with butter, homemade strawberry jam and a cup of Yorkshire tea for breakfast then got ready to head home. More bad weather was forecast and I wanted to have a go at walking in to town to ensure I knew the way and check out how long it took me. My leg was still not back to ‘normal’ and the longest I walked without pain this year had been for less than 15 minutes so I was intrigued. Mark got up and offered me a lift, Kate suggested I hang on and walk in with her but I decided I’d like to get back early as I intended to go to the market.
I had a very leisurely walk and I took photos along the way, mainly to jog my memory of where the house was for when I stay there. As I got to bar street the roads were still an absolute mess and I found it very difficult to walk from where Rumours is to the riverside path. I was pleased to report the walk took less than 30 minutes and was very pleasant but I did need to elevate my foot when I got in and rest for a bit. I didn’t bother with the market in the end as I realised I didn’t need much.
In the afternoon, I joined Vanessa, Matt, Mark, Kate, plus Julie and Gareth, who had just arrived, at Rehab bar. We heard that even more people who I knew, and had been in Sofra bar last Saturday, had tested positive for Corona. I decided it would be a good idea to invite the gang over to mine tomorrow for a curry, that way limiting how many new people we would come in to contact with. At Rehab bar Tayfur ordered us chicken wraps for dinner and I noticed my eczema had spread to my hand now. I’d only had 3 beers but maybe it was a reaction to gluten starting up again.

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