It had been over a month since I got weighed and measured, mainly due to me staying at other people’s houses. On Friday 6th May I got on the scales to find I had put on 2.5kg and my measurements weren’t great either; my bust had increased by 4cm, which the Vietnamese would say was due to an increased consumption of dairy.
Unfortunately the difference in my leg measurements was now 0.5cm difference in thighs and 1cm in calves.
I blamed the daily Turkish breakfasts, not the booze, but thought it might be a good idea to cut back a little.
My parents and I went for lunch at the tea gardens, we had toasties/sandwiches and a beer then my parents had an important appointment so I joined Des and Binky. On the way back in to town we spotted a snake, which a kitten was trying to play with. Binky picked it up and moved it so the cat wouldn’t get bitten. Des, Binky and I had a drink at Tez bar and then I went home because we were all meeting up later.

I met my parents for a drink at Retro bar and we had already chosen where we would eat tonight. Dad picked Doğa so we went there and decided to go with Jackie and Chris who were also having a drink at Retro bar and are lovely company.
My parents both had Mexican chicken and I had Chicken Alfredo which was lovely and we enjoyed trying this new eatery out. There was complimentary appetisers and came with fruit which were much appreciated, as well as great service in a beautiful setting. Unfortunately this impromptu spot of dining meant we were running late for our next appointment.

We had a table booked for 17 of us at Lukka Music Bingo, a firm favourite night out on a Friday – it was a great laugh with lots of singing and dancing. Mehmet is the perfect, and funniest host and there are prizes to be won too. By the end of the night most of us were drunk but Binky, who’d been out all day, and Mark, who was double parking, were vying for top place in that unspoken competition. Because of a silly misunderstanding when Kate and I poured Mark’s wine back in to the bottle, there was a bit of a to-do resulting in the wine not making it home, then me getting annoyed because there was ‘too much drama’.
The sensible thing would have been to go home, however, I decided to join Maddie, Des, Binky and Sarah at Sofra bar for another drink. When I arrived, Mark and Kate were already there, we sorted out the misunderstanding and got chatting to Jack and Liv who I’d met in Retro bar before.
We had shots and pints of draught Efes but then I managed to speak to Captain Caveman and got upset. At 1.30am it was my turn to be the obligatory emotional female, crying on bar street! Luckily Des, Big Alp and Davut were there to cheer me back up and we got on with the night! Sarah and I were of the last to leave Sofra bar and walked home together a little worse for wear in the early hours!

Here’s a video from Lukka bar when they played YMCA.

I had a very quiet day on Saturday 7th May after getting in about 4am and then eating the rest of the leftover pasta. I woke up to a text from Captain Caveman and I didn’t remember what I was speaking to him about last night. There was nothing I could do, though, as he was already back in the cave.
I had to force myself to meet the gang at Rehab bar for pool and I didn’t get there until very late. Mark and Kate were off back to England next week so Kate was booking a priority lounge pass to use in the airport on the way back, not knowing at the time just how good the deal would be. I stuck to soft drinks, all the drama from last night was apologised for and forgotten about. On the way home I decided to order a Chinese takeaway from China Town, despite the days being warm it was chilly around 9pm and I was glad to get back indoors. My prawn toast, sweet and sour chicken and fried rice was lovely and I was ready for an early night because tomorrow a few of us were off to do something nice.

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