On Wednesday 4th May I had another family style Turkish breakfast, with my Turkish friends. Today’s included pancakes, and it was as tasty as usual.
I went home for lunch at 1pm but I chose to come back to Retro bar and have a beer with the pool WAGs (Wives and Girlfriends, for those not familiar with the acronym). There is a group of blokes who meet to play pool on Wednesdays and Saturdays and have done so at various Dalyan venues throughout the winter. They like to play for fun at both pool and a game of killer – most of them can play well and some even have their own cues. Often the wives and girlfriends (WAGs) will come to have a get together, drink wine or beer and join in the banter. Depending on the numbers it can be quite a nice afternoon with an opportunity to carry on drinking or go for a bite to eat. It’s very relaxed and, although it’s primarily a lads pool afternoon, the women sometimes join in the game of killer.
Tonight was also the first Fun Quiz night at Retro bar, hosted by Tom Cree, so Nazim was getting prepared. I was still at Retro with my friends, Nazim had gone for a quick break when a young Turkish man arrived asking for him. We chatted for a while then I realised he was here as a bar man for tonight so I helped him to move some tables and chairs.
When the quiz night started, things didn’t go to plan; the microphone broke so people couldn’t hear Tom and the quiz was delayed slightly while it got fixed.
My parents were on a team with Mark and Kate so that looked a good team and there were a lot of the familiar expat faces taking part. The place was very busy and I thought Deniz, the new bar man did very well to jump straight in.
At the end of the night Nazim bought Deniz and I a beer and we sat down for a chat.
It was 1.30am when I finally ate some dinner at home, a chicken and mushroom pie!

I had a busy morning of eating a Turkish breakfast and practicing Turkish at Retro bar on Thursday 5th May.
Because of the Bayram holidays, there had been no Turkish class yesterday so today I met Vanessa for lunch and to do our homework. We walked from Retro bar to Okyanus, where we ordered food and a cold drink. She had been to Zumba and it was busier and warmer there than usual so I’d been lucky to miss it really. I decided to try a chicken burger with extra bacon and a cheeky beer which was nice, Vanessa ordered a tuna sandwich and a wine with soda. We then got chatting and forgot to do the homework, mainly because there was just too much to catch up on – we would just have to meet up another day!
That evening Nazim and I shared a pizza from M-Restaurant, the street food place across the road from Retro bar, and it was very good.

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