Saturday 11th June wasn’t an amazing day for me and it was only my 2nd full day in Phong Nha. I started off trying to keep positive after not feeling particularly welcomed back by Captain Caveman, yesterday. Him not having made any room for me, or my stuff, was probably just an oversight as he had been working so much. I was obviously disappointed that he didn’t have much time off and, especially as more of my family were hoping to be in Dalyan soon, I could have stayed in Turkey longer to join in with their plans. I had a friend who I was talking to in Dalyan who was going through some not very nice things right now and I felt useless to help them. I also had another worry at the back at my mind too; although I’d been promised I could extend my tourist visa after the 5th of next month, I didn’t believe it. If I had to leave Vietnam it would have been a very expensive trip to hardly see Captain Caveman – the main point to my visit. I’d had a croissant for breakfast and was doing some editing most of the morning. I decided to eat up the rest of the pulled pork for lunch and I got the trusty rice steamer out to make some perfectly cooked rice to go with it. I sniffed the pulled pork in the jar to see if I could tell how spicy it was. I couldn’t smell anything and even when I ate it, the taste was nice and I couldn’t tell if there was chilli in it. Of course, it made me ill and I even had to have a nap after I finally got out of the bathroom.
By 4pm I was so hot but I couldn’t swim in the pool because there was a dead baby bird in it. I tried getting it out with a colander but couldn’t so asked the staff if someone could get a pool net or something, they said yes but it didn’t come before dark.
I had to cancel the evening plans because of my stomach and went back to bed. By 9.30pm I was wide awake and hungry so I had a slice of Kate’s fruitcake with Dick’s Red Leicester cheese and a gin & ginger ale. I hoped for a better day tomorrow.

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